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Donald Gutstein

Donald Gutstein, a senior lecturer in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, writes a regular media column for The Tyee.

Stories by Donald Gutstein


Donald Trump Versus... Wait, Bernie Who?

They're two 'upstarts,' equally popular with their base. But you wouldn't know it from Canadian media.

By Donald Gutstein, 8 Oct 2015


Conservative Scholar Helped Shape Stephen Harper's Worldview

Walter Berns inspired a generation of Alberta conservatives.

By Donald Gutstein, 24 Jan 2015


Meet the People Who Made Possible Stephen Harper's Reign

An excerpt from Donald Gutstein's new book 'Harperism.'

By Donald Gutstein, 6 Oct 2014


New BC Think Tank's Findings Remarkably Helpful to Clark

Resource industry success benefit us all, Resource Works says. Some more than others, I say.

By Donald Gutstein, 22 Aug 2014


Whose 'Independent Thought' Is Andrew Coyne Plugging?

Political ideas he champions in column are standard neoliberal fare.

By Donald Gutstein, 7 Jun 2013


Why Did Harper Cut Canada's Library and Archives?

Tory explanations don't add up, so here are three possible reasons.

By Donald Gutstein, 6 Jun 2012


Blame Boomers or Fat Cats? Debate Rolls from Tyee to Sun and Back

Gutstein vs. Kershaw on who's squeezing the under-45s.

By Donald Gutstein, 27 Apr 2012


Stoking the False War Between Generations

Want to please a one per center? Blame the Boomers for 'generational theft.'

By Donald Gutstein, 11 Feb 2012


Surely Harper Doesn't Want More Poor People. Or Does He?

'Economic freedom' is right’s buzz phrase for why steep inequality is no problem.

By Donald Gutstein, 11 Jan 2012


Debunking Fraser Institute's Latest Crusade: Teacher Merit Pay

Most studies show scant link between student achievement and financial rewards for instructors.

By Donald Gutstein, 24 Jun 2011


Big Media's Sway Will Be Tested at Ballot Box

Most corporate news outlets buttressed Harper's drive for a majority. But has the game changed?

By Donald Gutstein, 2 May 2011


Harper's Crime Floggers

The case of the Macdonald Laurier Institute, key accomplice to Tories in their assaults on truth.

By Donald Gutstein, 21 Mar 2011


Falcon, Fraser Institute's Candidate?

There's reason to think so. Start with his 'heroes' Bill Bennett, Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

By Donald Gutstein, 24 Feb 2011


Why Attack the Long Census?

Check off another box on the Fraser Institute's libertarian to-do list.

By Donald Gutstein, 29 Jul 2010


New Citizenship Handbook Twists 'the Canadian Story'

A close read reveals shrewd propaganda designed to expand Harper's immigrant base. There's a lot of war and no medicare.

By Donald Gutstein, 3 Mar 2010


Gang Warfare, Ottawa-style

The fight pitting Big Media against Big Cable is nasty, and instructive.

By Donald Gutstein, 11 Feb 2010


Inside the DDT Propaganda Machine

Pretend to speak for poor Africans, lie about true causes of disease. That's how you get the news media to love a lethal pesticide.

By Donald Gutstein, 22 Jan 2010


This Is How You Fuel a Community of Climate Deniers

Start with big oil companies, and the money and connections flow.

By Donald Gutstein, 10 Dec 2009


Promoting 'Spiritual Capital': What's In It for Harper?

Right-wing guru urges melding religion and money making.

By Donald Gutstein, 20 Mar 2009


Press Panic Sweeps the Nation

How to turn a legal, logical, 'leftish' coalition into a hysterical 'crisis.'

By Donald Gutstein, 12 Dec 2008


The Real Blitz that Buried Dion

Grit Leader done in by the media? You read it first in The Tyee.

By Donald Gutstein, 28 Oct 2008


The 'Flip Flop' Drumbeat

CanWest, CTV play along as Tories label Dion.

By Donald Gutstein, 26 Mar 2007


Senators Let Big Media off Hook

Committee's long-awaited report shrugs at CanWest, targets CBC.

By Donald Gutstein, 29 Jun 2006


The Global Warming Denial Lobby

The people out to 'poison the debate on climate change.'

By Donald Gutstein, 2 May 2006


Canada Poised to Kill Kyoto

Harper's aim given scant scrutiny by media giants.

By Donald Gutstein, 22 Jan 2006


Behind the CBC's Hit Piece on Medicare

The bias, the blank spots and the damage.

By Donald Gutstein, 6 Jan 2006


Harper, Bush Share Roots in Controversial Philosophy

Close advisers schooled in 'the noble lie' and 'regime change.'

By Donald Gutstein, 29 Nov 2005


How Big Media Covered the Teachers' Dispute

Mixed messages from reporters and editorial board rooms.

By Donald Gutstein, 31 Oct 2005


The Clout of an Advertiser

Canwest publisher wrings hands over loss of Telus ads.

By Donald Gutstein, 26 Sep 2005


The Sun's Unfair Slant on the Telus Dispute

Union sources get short shrift by BC's paper of record.

By Donald Gutstein, 31 Aug 2005


Building a Left Wing CNN

Canadian Paul Jay's drive to create Independent World Television.

By Donald Gutstein, 13 Jun 2005


How CanWest Helped Elect Campbell and Company

Unlike the dubious 'strike vote' story, a report bad for Libs lay buried until after election day.

By Donald Gutstein, 6 Jun 2005


Fazil Mihlar's Monday Morning Sermons

The Sun’s opinions editor has his sources, way to the right.

By Donald Gutstein, 8 Apr 2005


Tyee’s Gutstein Responds to Norman Spector

The 'logical problem' lies with my attacker.

By Donald Gutstein, 21 Mar 2005


Fox News Format Infiltrates Canada

CanWest's television talk show. Fair? Balanced? You decide.

By Donald Gutstein, 17 Mar 2005


Budget Coverage Out of Balance

Sun treatment of the last two NDP budgets and the current Liberal effort was vastly different, despite some similar numbers.

By Donald Gutstein, 21 Feb 2005


U.S.-style Media Monitor Comes North

How the Fraser Institute’s U.S.-inspired CanStats targets the media and distorts science reporting.

By Donald Gutstein, 10 Feb 2005


Senate Comes to Scrutinize Big Media in BC

What's it like to live in Canada's media concentration capital? Just fine, a senate committee has already been told. They'll hear other views next week.

By Donald Gutstein, 28 Jan 2005


What the Sun Calls an 'Exclusive'

And other concerns as B.C.'s paper of record 'converges' its news.

By Donald Gutstein, 20 Dec 2004


A Sun Columnist's Change of Heart

The Vancouver Sun's Don Cayo's first heart attack was treated in Florida and he trashed the care he might have received here. Now he's changed his tune.

By Donald Gutstein, 17 Nov 2004


The Fraser Institute's Plan to Undercut Public Schools

Its 'report cards' in The Province are divisive propaganda -- and more about helping privatizers than the poor.

By  and Donald Gutstein, 8 Mar 2004


Where School Choicers Got Started

The idea's roots reach deep into U.S. Christian and libertarian politics.

By Donald Gutstein, 8 Mar 2004