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Chris Keam

Chris Keam scraped by in high school and spent a brief stint in college. Despite that, he's made a living as a writer and editor in corporate communications, broadcasting, and as a freelancer for over twenty years (so he must be doing something right!)

Chris's professional goals include the growth of his freelance copywriting business and continuing to work covering the sustainable transportation beat. He is also working on various creative writing projects and contemplating various small business enterprises. Mostly, Chris wants to have enough money to retire one day, buy a boat, and see the world without having to burn a lot of jet fuel in the process.

Reporting Beat: Cycling and the social, economic, and urban planning aspects of self-propelled transportation.

Twitter: @Chris_Keam

Website: Chris Keam

Stories by Chris Keam


Five Super Heroes: Who's Most Sustainable?

When Hollywood turns comic book marvels into mega-stars, who's the best defender of nature?

By Chris Keam, 27 Dec 2010


Why New York Enticed Translink Chief

When Translink CEO Tom Prendergast starts running NYC's transit system, he'll have a visionary ally in Janette Sadik-Khan.

By Chris Keam, 8 Nov 2009


Watching World's Fastest Human Go Even Faster

Quadra cyclist Whittingham sets new world record; a first-hand report.

By Chris Keam, 22 Sep 2008


Fastest Man Alive Lives on Quadra

Cyclist Sam Whittingham aims to shatter his own human-powered record.

By Chris Keam, 11 Sep 2008