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Tyee Presents

Tyee Presents

Tyee Presents is the special section within The Tyee where we highlight contests, events, and other initiatives that are either put on by The Tyee or by our select partners.

We choose our partners carefully and consciously, to fit with The Tyee’s reputation as BC’s leading home for News, Culture, and Solutions. Whether it’s a contest for music festival tickets, a weekend getaway, an announcement of a public dialogue or fundraising event, they’re things we believe will be of interest to a wide variety of our readers, and resonant with their values.

Content within Tyee Presents plays an important part in growing revenue for our independent, professional, paid journalism. If it’s one of our own events, it’s likely raising money to support our journalists (like our Master Classes.) If it’s about another organization or business, it’s either part of an advertising relationship, media sponsorship, or another type of business partnership that supports us financially and/or helps to grow our readership.

To get a sense of past promotions, please visit the Tyee Presents section.

Frequently asked questions:

Does The Tyee offer sponsored content services?
The Tyee only offers editorial coverage in the Tyee Presents section if the event or organization fits all of the following criteria:

  • Is a good fit with our educated, engaged, and progressive readers’ interests and values.
  • Allows our readers to participate in some way: contests, public dialogue or speaker events, and crowdsourcing initiatives are often good fits.
  • Financially supports our independent, professional, paid journalism, and/or offers significant media sponsor opportunities to grow our readership
  • If our readers can win something, attend something, or participate online or offline in a discussion that’s relevant to them, and it helps to financially support us or grow our readership, we’ll consider it. If it’s a fit, then we will proudly do a brief write-up and add social media promo as well.

If your organization, event, or product is not a fit for Tyee Presents, we’re still more than happy to offer regular IAB-standard banner advertising.

Please contact Jeanette Ageson, our Ad Sales and Partnerships Coordinator, to discuss opportunities (604-689-7489 / jageson AT

My event / organization / initiative is news-worthy, but we don’t have a budget for advertising and promotion. How do I contact the news room?
If you think your event, organization, or initiative will interest our news team, please contact them separately with your inquiry here.

Does The Tyee have an events listings page?
Sorry, no. Useful, curated, well-organized and searchable events listings are a major undertaking, and The Tyee does not currently have the resources to manage it.