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The Global Battle Against Anti-Asian Racism


Art by Christopher Cheung.

First came the global wave of anti-Asian racism linked to the pandemic. Then the killing of George Floyd.

The result has been a global fight against racism, as activists around the world fight back and draw inspiration from their counterparts in other countries.

In this series, University of Victoria professor emeritus John Price explores the issue and activists’ efforts to combat anti-Asian racism in Vancouver and around the world. And he looks at the expanding scope of the campaigns and Asian activists support for Black Lives Matter and a broader battle against white supremacy.

In This Series



Racism Is on the Rise. And Asian Canadians Are Fighting Back

In Vancouver, Canada and around the world COVID-19 has emboldened racists. Part one of a series.

John Price, 22 May 2020



Anti-Asian Racism Has Gone Global. So Has the Battle against White Supremacy

Canadian activists have been inspired by and helped grow the movement. Second in a series.

John Price, 1 Jun 2020



White Supremacy in ‘British’ Columbia, and the China Syndrome

Anti-China sentiments — and political posturing — have led to racism against Asian Canadians.

John Price, 10 Jun 2020