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In a Housing Crisis, No Love for Lazy Land


When the housing market starts to fail, perhaps it’s time to implement state-driven solutions. This is Alt-Erlaa in Vienna, where 60 per cent of housing is city-built, sponsored or managed. Photo by Hertha Hurnaus, submitted by the Museum of Vancouver.

Enough tinkering, argues UBC professor Patrick Condon in this three-part series. Tackling housing affordability calls for a major rethink of our approach. Tax land heavily, commit to encouraging non-market housing and follow the European lead by having governments play a big role in providing housing options.

In This Series



A Tax that Would Solve the Housing Crisis

Eliminate all taxes but a levy on land, said Henry George. Here’s why it would work. Part one of three.

By Patrick Condon, 4 Jun 2018



Fixing Unaffordability Means Embracing Non-Market Housing

Jane Jacobs taught us to hate public housing, but the problem was how it was done, from urban design to social policy. Part two of three.

By Patrick Condon, 5 Jun 2018



How Vienna Cracked the Case of Housing Affordability

Vienna has a 100-year history of building public housing for all. What can we learn? Part three of three.

By Patrick Condon, 6 Jun 2018