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Me, You, Us

The Tyee publishes five pieces from the larger 2013 Atkinson Series: "Me, You, Us" by journalist and author Michael Valpy. His project is an investigation into social cohesion in Canada -- what binds us together, what draws us apart.

In This Series



Suppose They Threw an Election and Nobody Came

The youthful Spectators see mainstream Canadian society as a sham, share few goals with it.

By Michael Valpy, 30 Dec 2013


Soup kitchen

'You've Served Your Purpose and Now You're Trash'

What do you do to a society when you strip away its members' anchors, strip away their identities, strip away their sense of meaning?

By Michael Valpy, 31 Dec 2013



Standing at Door of 2014: Who Shapes the 'Next' Canada?

A survey finds Canadians highly attached to their country, but pulled apart by polarized visions of the future.

By Michael Valpy, 1 Jan 2014


Anthropologist Marlene McKay

Not Pocahontas, Not a Super-Indian, Not a Drunk and Not a Slut

Metis anthropologist Marlene McKay on forces that marginalize Indigenous women.

By Michael Valpy, 2 Jan 2014


Child with iPad at Idle No More

How to Put Canada Back Together Again

Four big recommendations for repairing the tears in our social fabric.

By Michael Valpy, 3 Jan 2014