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Citizen Science Marches On!


A group of 36 students in Western University's Master of Arts in Journalism class spent three months studying and reporting on citizen science, covering how it emerged and evolved, where it stands now and where it's going.

The resulting seven-part series tackles scepticism about whether or not it is indeed science, looks at the effectiveness of gathering "big data," and introduces activists who are using citizen science to bring attention to their causes.

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Sonaar Luthra TED Talk

Citizen Scientists: Friendly Future for DIY Tech

Who needs a fancy lab or degree to create breakthroughs? First in a series.

By Blair McBride, Kate McKenna, Jane van Koeverden and Alexa Zulak, 16 Apr 2013


Flying bees

Science: Citizens Are Getting to the Basics

The ins and outs of citizen science, and why it can't be muzzled. Second in a series.

By Katrina Clarke, Katiusha Cuntrera, Spencer Davis, Kristina Virro and Justin Zadorsky, 20 Apr 2013


Monarch butterfly

Looking Back on Amateur Astronomers and Blue-Collar Biologists

Citizen Science through the ages. Latest in a series.

By Andrew Forbes, Josef Jacobson, Emily Leighton, Katie Starr and Kristin Duncan, 23 Apr 2013


Ben Duncan

How Activism Drives Citizen Science

For people pushing change, data can be precious. But scientists are unbiased, right?

By Dalal Kheder, Idil Mussa, Natalie Paddon and Andrea Smith, 26 Apr 2013



Citizen Science: The Real Thing?

What does the scientific community think of citizen science projects?

By Rubab Abid, Alyssa Ashton and Amar Shah, 1 May 2013


Andrea Wiggins

The Promising Rise of Big Data

Scientists have too much info to sort. They're asking your help. Latest in our Citizen Science series.

By Brent Boles, Brendan McConnell and Lola Fakinlede, 3 May 2013



Citizen Science Meets Citizen Journalism

Digging for stories, crowdsourcing data in the age of the amateur. Last in a series.

By Nick Boisvert, Jessica Ellis, Ben Forrest, Mekhala Gunaratne and Kaanayo Nwachukwu, 8 May 2013