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Stephen Osborne

Stephen Osborne is editor of Geist magazine.

Stories by Stephen Osborne


Scandal Season

Go ahead. Indulge in a little corruption with that lunch and coffee.

By Stephen Osborne, 25 Jan 2014


The Pleasure of Reading Outdoors

Devouring, for example, a brine soaked Agatha Christie mystery while cleaving the Georgia Strait.

By Stephen Osborne, 17 Jul 2012


His Classroom Is Now a Hot Dog Stand

Let Mehrab Arbab serve you a smokie as he explains how killing squads, and the CIA, put him here.

By Stephen Osborne, 1 Jul 2011


The Banff Protocols

Writers, DNA, the end of time, and two visits to the Rocky Mountain retreat, 14 years apart.

By Stephen Osborne, 15 Sep 2010


Olympic Visions, Fading

Three months after Canada's 'defining moment' began, I summon what memories I can, and end up in Nepal.

By Stephen Osborne, 10 May 2010


The Portrait King

Yousuf Karsh's holy icons. A speed-read book review from Geist magazine.

By Stephen Osborne, 11 Aug 2008


Exotic World, Vancouver

Bugs! Baboons! Unknown tribesmen! I keep going back.

By Stephen Osborne, 4 Mar 2008

Simulating People

Brian Howell's celebrity mimics make you look twice.

By Stephen Osborne, 29 Nov 2007


Hospital for the Mind

Memories of Coquitlam's 'insane asylum.'

By Stephen Osborne, 12 Nov 2007


An Elegy for Althea

The life and death of my accidental pet.

By Stephen Osborne, 29 Jun 2007


The Poem and the Poppy

Reading 'In Flanders Fields.' And choosing to wear the flower.

By Stephen Osborne, 10 Nov 2006


A Peace Refuge Struggles to Survive the Tsunami

The Butterfly Garden, home to child victims of Sri Lanka’s civil war, reaches out to Canadian friends.

By Stephen Osborne, 7 Jan 2005


Kids Setting Fires

A struck match sparks memories of a dry day, long ago, above Kamloops.

By Stephen Osborne, 27 Oct 2004

Photography in a Blown up World

Work by Zahra Kazemi, the Canadian-Iranian photojournalist murdered in Tehran last summer, is part of a big, bold, valiantly vexing new exhibit in Vancouver.

By Stephen Osborne, 17 Nov 2003