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Robyn Allan

Stories by Robyn Allan


How Trans Mountain Project Will Pump Profits to Its Texas Owners

Charting the Houston-driven inner workings of Kinder Morgan.

By Robyn Allan, 12 Jan 2015


Trans Mountain Pipeline: Big Bucks for US Investors, Peanuts for Us

Thanks to clever US owner, firm pays minimal taxes here, sometimes none.

By Robyn Allan, 17 Nov 2014


Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion Designed to Carry Much More Oil

Trans Mountain would be built with room to largely increase export capacity.

By Robyn Allan, 28 May 2014


The Loophole Big Oil Uses to Pump More Crude

Companies apply for capacity below a project's potential, then jack it up later, under less scrutiny.

By Robyn Allan, 3 Mar 2014


Why NEB's Gateway Report Is Vulnerable to Legal Assault

Enbridge, federal government complicit in flawed Joint Review Panel finding.

By Robyn Allan, 20 Jan 2014


How Much Is a Truly 'Fair Share' of Northern Gateway Benefits for BC?

It's substantial. But will Clark have the courage to demand it from industry?

By Robyn Allan, 8 Jan 2014


Clark's Pipeline Lip Service to First Nations

On eve of federal panel's Gateway decision, a look at BC's fourth condition for oil projects.

By Robyn Allan, 18 Dec 2013


BC's Land Oil Spill Response Isn't Remotely 'World-Leading'

So why is Premier Clark flirting with Northern Gateway's revival?

By Robyn Allan, 2 Dec 2013


Clark's 'Now You See It, Now You Don't' Coastal Protection Plan

Premier contradictory on need for adequate spill preparedness and response.

By Robyn Allan, 18 Nov 2013


Premier Clark Played by Oil by Rail Push?

Why are she and Alberta's Redford talking about risky rail transport as a pipeline alternative?

By Robyn Allan, 4 Nov 2013


BC Signed Away Its Right to Stop Northern Gateway

In 2010 it gave the NEB final say over the environmental assessment process. But we can still get it back.

By Robyn Allan, 28 Oct 2013


Oil Sands 'Money Left on the Table' and More Myths

Economist Robyn Allan on why Canadian petro fortunes aren't hurt by lack of pipelines.

By Robyn Allan, 11 Apr 2013


Canadian Oil Producers' Crocodile Tears

Two reasons why claims that pipeline resistance hurts their bottom line are, well, crude at best.

By Robyn Allan, 29 Jan 2013


Christy Clark's Wrong Way Walkout

Stepping out of energy talks looks bold, but she's chosen a bad path for BC and Canada.

By Robyn Allan, 30 Jul 2012


On Clark's Yes-for-a-Price Pipeline Conditions

BC government's five provisos include weak no-brainers and faulty revenue claims.

By Robyn Allan, 23 Jul 2012


It's More than a Pipeline

So states Enbridge's expensive ad blitz. Here's what they don't say.

By Robyn Allan, 28 Jun 2012


Gateway Designed to Pump Far More Crude than Advertised

Pipes could carry 60 per cent more than now proposed. Result: hundreds more tankers off BC's coast.

By Robyn Allan, 7 May 2012


Open Letter Urging Premier Clark to Act for BC

Gordon Campbell signed away our right to enviro-assess pipeline projects. You can get it back.

By Robyn Allan, 23 Apr 2012


'Dutch Disease': McGuinty Was Right the First Time

Evidence Alberta premier cites to support industry expansion based on dubious energy economics.

By Robyn Allan, 6 Mar 2012