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Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner (she/her) is a writer, educator and midwife in B.C. with an MA in drama and MFA in creative writing. She works as clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia where she teaches clinical skills, anatomy and physiology to bourgeoning midwifery students.

Her clinical midwifery, teaching and creative work aims to advance equity-focused strategies for sexual and reproductive health. She contributed to the development of the Canadian Association of Midwives’ Having a Baby website, with content advocating for respectful pregnancy and childbirth care. She has published in both academic and non-academic journals including Sex Education: Sexuality, Society and Learning.

She’s currently working towards her PhD at UBC in education and public health where she is developing creatively engaging and ethically informed pregnancy and childbirth education programs for young people in schools. She was recently awarded a graduate fellowship in applied ethics.

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