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Marc Lee

Marc Lee is an economist in the BC office of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and author of Who’s Cutting Classes? Untangling the Spin in K-12 Education, available on the CCPA web site

Stories by Marc Lee


Ten Years Ago, a Throne Speech that Prioritized the Climate

It launched a frenzy of action never before seen in BC. Today, it’s a distant memory.

By Marc Lee, 15 Feb 2017


Is Your Pension in Climate Denial?

Divestment from fossil fuels is key. But funds can go even further.

By Marc Lee, 1 Jan 2016


Just How Bad Is BC's LNG Deal with Petronas?

This is a massive privatization of a public resource. And for what? Let's tally it up.

By Marc Lee, 14 Jul 2015


VIEW: Will LNG development blow BC's carbon budget?

By Marc Lee, 3 Oct 2013


US Meltdown Puts Heat on Canada

Decades of fusing the two economies exposes us to grave risk.

By Marc Lee, 22 Sep 2008


My Rich Kids Reunion

A tax-the-rich economist goes home to Upper Canada College.

By Marc Lee, 13 Feb 2008


We Can Afford to House Homeless

Money is there to get it done before Olympics.

By Marc Lee, 30 Jul 2007


Divided, We're Falling

How the growing income gap hurts Canada's future.

By Marc Lee, 13 Mar 2007


Why 'Smart Regulation' Isn't

Latest brand name for pulling our protection.

By Bruce Campbell and Marc Lee, 20 Sep 2006


Poverty Amidst Plenty

We can brighten the dark side to BC's economy.

By Marc Lee, 14 Aug 2006


The Alberta Effect: 'Beggar Thy Neighbour'

Equalization only begins to right an unhealthy imbalance.

By Marc Lee, 7 Jun 2006


Canada, Stood Up

Decoding the new federal budget language.

By Marc Lee, 4 May 2006


Money Where Your Mouth Is

Why private dental insurance really bites.

By Marc Lee, 26 Apr 2006


Why Are We in the Money?

B.C.'s monster deficit has become a monster surplus, but not for the reasons the Liberals suggest.

By Marc Lee, 20 Sep 2004


Has B.C.'s Economy Turned Around?

We've endured sacrifice, but rewards so far look slim.

By Marc Lee, 7 May 2004


Olympic spirit absent in regressive budget

While 2010 references abound, its balancing act is still mainly one of making the poor pay for tax breaks for corporations and the rich.

By Marc Lee, 16 Feb 2004


Correcting Christy Clark's School Books

If the government is spending more per pupil, why are schools feeling the pinch? Here's the missing math.

By Marc Lee, 2 Feb 2004