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Marc Edge

Stories by Marc Edge


Ottawa’s Last Chance to End the Gutting of Canada’s Newspapers

Competition Bureau has ignored public interest as corporations created media monopolies.

By Marc Edge, 3 Jan 2018


Postmedia, Torstar Marching Toward Media Monopolies

Journalism suffers as corporations swap papers to end competition.

By Marc Edge, 27 Nov 2017


The ‘Netflix Tax’ Is a Misnomer Used to Smear a Great Idea

Don’t believe Big Media, or the big cable companies behind them, which slag a logical way to fund new journalism.

By Marc Edge, 1 Sep 2017


Big Idea for Canadian Media: Provide Incentives for Local Ownership

Absentee owners shouldn’t be the norm. Excerpted from Marc Edge’s book, ‘The News We Deserve’

By Marc Edge, 5 Dec 2016


Canada’s Media Disrupters Have a New Manifesto

In ‘No News is Bad News,’ Ian Gill finds ‘huge opportunity’ in our hollowed-out industry.

By Marc Edge, 20 Sep 2016


Seeking a Villain for Postmedia's Crisis? Try the Competition Bureau

It sat back and watched as media consolidated in too few hands. Will Trudeau stop the madness?

By Marc Edge, 23 Jan 2016


Newspaper-less in Vancouver?

Nope, but folding one daily a possibility, says media critic.

By Marc Edge, 5 Feb 2015


VIEW: Are newspapers really hard up? Myths muddy media ownership debate

By Marc Edge, 15 Oct 2014


Don't Give Postmedia More Local Monopolies

Here's an idea for the Competition Bureau: promote competition.

By Marc Edge, 8 Oct 2014


BC's Local News Monopolies Grow with Recent Closures

Glacier's Kamloops paper shut down despite company profit margins above 30 per cent.

By Marc Edge, 9 Jan 2014


Postmedia and union talks break down over contracting out of printing

By Marc Edge, 26 Nov 2013


US Hedge Funds Squeezing Profitable Postmedia: Union

As media giant makes 17 per cent profit, Sun, Province publisher says more fat to cut.

By Marc Edge, 18 Sep 2013


Paywalls Work

Ignore the naysayers. Newspapers are having success charging online readers.

By Marc Edge, 30 Mar 2013


Media Wars in Paradise

Fiji's dictator pledges democracy, but just try being a journalist who criticizes him.

By Marc Edge, 30 Jan 2013


Sorry Genius, for Old Media the Sky Is Not Falling

Newspaper companies are doing just fine, thanks. Journalists, not so much.

By Marc Edge, 13 Sep 2012


Yes, Conrad Black, You're a Crook

That's what people tend to be called when they remain convicted of fraud and have served time.

By Marc Edge, 9 Aug 2012


Le Journal Lockout: Convergence Conquers Workers

Owner Quebecor crushed labour ruthlessly, even though its newspapers are earning lots of profit.

By Marc Edge, 7 Mar 2011


As Advertising Dies, So Do Traditional Media

But author Bob Garfield predicts a golden age of online marketing is about to bloom.

By Marc Edge, 12 Nov 2010


Why Did I Buy CanWest Stock?

It keeps plunging, rocked by a perfect storm of debt and downturns.

By Marc Edge, 24 Oct 2008


CRTC Ruling No Threat to Big Media

Giants can keep owning papers, TV stations in same markets.

By Marc Edge, 16 Jan 2008


The Asper Slam on News Media

'Lazy, dishonest, biased, Marxists' and more accusations from Izzy and son Leonard.

By Marc Edge, 23 Nov 2007


CanWest Rising

How Izzy Asper got to be Canada's mega-media baron.

By Marc Edge, 20 Nov 2007


Citizen Izzy

The rise of the Asper who gave us CanWest.

By Marc Edge, 16 Nov 2007


Aspers and Harper, A Toried Love

Ties that bind CanWest to the Conservatives.

By Marc Edge, 13 Nov 2007


Big Media's Big Showdown

Merger mania and the harm to media diversity. Hearings start today.

By Marc Edge, 17 Sep 2007


How Black and Asper Plotted to Control Canadian News Biz

Lusting for 'awesome and infinite' deals with Thomson, Rogers, Shaw.

By Marc Edge, 3 Jul 2007


Sun, Province Dip to 1957 Level

Combined circulation sliding, but is profit margin?

By Marc Edge, 6 Nov 2006


Blame the Owners

Sure players are rich. But their greedier bosses never learned to share, and shun laws of economics.

By Marc Edge, 16 Nov 2004