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Larry Pynn

Stories by Larry Pynn


Eat, Spray, Love

While resident killer whales teeter toward extinction, their transient cousins are doing well thanks to a different diet.

By Larry Pynn, 4 Dec 2017


Climate Change a 'Considerable Threat' to Aboriginal Fisheries, Study Finds

Due to warming, marine creatures are migrating north.

By Larry Pynn, 14 Jan 2016


Sifting Japanese Tsunami Debris for Alien Creatures

Meet the researchers scrambling to detect kelp, clam and even fish invaders.

By Larry Pynn, 31 Oct 2015


Humans Kill 14 Times More Adult Fish than Wild Predators

Heiltsuk Nation leads the way managing world's worst marine super predator: us.

By Larry Pynn, 22 Aug 2015