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Judith Sayers

Judith Sayers

Judith Sayers is the former elected chief of the Hupacsath First Nation, and an assistant professor of law and business at UVic. She is the National Aboriginal Economic Development Chair.

Reporting beat: First Nations, Law, Politics

Stories by Judith Sayers


Clean Energy Can Help Power Reconciliation

Environmental pressures can serve to be among the strongest of drivers for economic self-sufficiency for First Nations in BC.

By Judith Sayers and Jae Mather, Yesterday


‘If We Are All Here to Stay...’

To live together peaceably, First Nations and Canadians have much more work to do.

By Judith Sayers, 29 Jun 2017


What Just Happened in British Columbia? And What’s Ahead?

Tyee contributors weigh in on last night’s provincial election results.

By Crawford Kilian, Andrew Nikiforuk, Judith Sayers and Paul Willcocks, 10 May 2017


Why Many First Nations Want a New Premier

Under Campbell’s Liberals, there was hope for a new relationship. But it never materialized.

By Judith Sayers, 4 May 2017


Trudeau Just Sacrificed BC for Big Oil

First Nations are owed so much more, and he will soon find that out.

By Judith Sayers, 29 Nov 2016


Northern Gateway Decision a Huge Victory for First Nations' Rights

Government failed to consult despite clear past rulings, but pipeline not dead yet.

By Judith Sayers, 1 Jul 2016


To Vote or Not to Vote? Chief's Dilemma Shared by Many First Nations

Their ballots could sway the election, but some won't be participating. Here's why.

By Judith Sayers, 5 Sep 2015


Reconciliation: Your Move, Governments

TRC lays bare the dark legacy of residential schools. Will those in power be compelled to act?

By Judith Sayers, 10 Jun 2015


Mapping BC's Clean Energy Jobs Potential

Renewables: not at all a 'boutique' sector. Click image to view map.

By Judith Sayers and Penelope Comette, 27 Apr 2015


Heiltsuk Will Fight to Protect Central Coast Herring

Once the lifeblood of Heiltsuk diets, herring now reduced to a rare 'treat.'

By Judith Sayers, 31 Mar 2015


Burial Site Purchase Shows What's Possible for First Nations Rights

Ancestors can now rest in peace on Grace Islet. But will this solution work for other sites?

By Judith Sayers, 16 Jan 2015


When First Nations Burial Sites and Development Collide

Grace Islet dispute is harbinger of many more, unless BC makes changes.

By Judith Sayers, Maureen Grant, Dave Schaepe, Robert Phillips and Murray Brown, 18 Aug 2014


How the Tsilhqot'in Decision Changes Business in BC

Five new realities that alter how development can proceed.

By Judith Sayers, 4 Jul 2014


After Atleo

Is the Assembly of First Nations with its national chief part of the problem or solution?

By Judith Sayers, 7 May 2014


New Day for BC Native Claims

'Xeni decision' casts doubt on provincial authority over First Nations land dealings.

By Dave Porter, Judith Sayers and Grand Chief Edward John, 12 Feb 2008