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Jonathan Sas

Jonathan Sas

Jonathan Sas is the Director of Research at the Broadbent Institute. He spent 2012/13 as a Sauvé Scholar in Montreal researching the changing dynamics of Canada's media landscape. The former editor of The Mark, his reporting and commentary have appeared in Maisonneuve, Toronto Star, National Post, iPolitics, Alternet, J-source, and other outlets. Jonathan holds an M.A. in political science from the University of British Columbia, where he focused on political ecology and Canadian politics. An environmentalist, unrepentant news junkie, political theory nerd, and rabid Habs fan, he's happiest when spending time with friends and family.

Reporting beat: Canadian politics, political ecology, and media.

Twitter: @jonathan_sas

Stories by Jonathan Sas


For Indigenous, Where's the Embrace Given My Family?

A grandchild of Holocaust survivors reflects on Canada's Truth and Reconciliation moment.

By Jonathan Sas, 6 Nov 2013


How 'Native Advertising' Is Changing What We Read

Brands have decided they'd rather be the story than the ad.

By Jonathan Sas, 21 Mar 2013


Scrambling for Profit, Media Slip 'Custom Content' into Mix

Some reporters resent rise of assignments born of deals with advertisers.

By Jonathan Sas, 28 Jan 2013


Globe's Oil Sands Advertorial Blurs Lines Public Editor Won't Discuss

Eight pager formatted much like news, but Stead offers slim explanation.

By Jonathan Sas, 22 Oct 2012


Huffington Post's Ever Growing Canadian Ambitions

Now moving into BC and Alberta, the aggressive US media firm is either a partner or threat to homegrown media, depending on who's talking.

By Jonathan Sas, 30 Jul 2012


What I Learned at Fraser Institute's 'Economics for Journalists'

Andrew Coyne argues left and right now converge on economy issues. Not in this classroom.

By Jonathan Sas, 23 Jun 2012