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John Restakis

John Restakis is Executive Director of the BC Co-operative Association in Vancouver, consults on international co-op development projects, is a founding member of the Advisory Committee for the MA Program in Community Development at UVic, and co-founded the Bologna Summer Program for Co-operative Studies at the University of Bologna. You can read more on his website, here.

Stories by John Restakis


How the NDP and Greens Can Grow BC’s Cooperative Economy

Co-ops make us wealthier and more equal, and government can do plenty to foster them.

By James Rowe, Ana Maria Peredo and John Restakis, 27 Jul 2017


A Co-operative Response to the Greek Crisis

From the rubble comes Bio Me, the country's first worker-run factory.

By John Restakis, 17 Oct 2013


Calcutta's Brothels: A Terrible Reflection

The Durbar co-op's successes must be measured against vast injustices that foster prostitution everywhere. Last of four.

By John Restakis, 24 Jan 2011


Paths to Prostitution: Two Women's Tales

Cruel realities drove Onima and Rheka to sex work in Calcutta. Building a co-op with their sisters lifted them from desperation. Third of four.

By John Restakis, 21 Jan 2011


How Calcutta's Sex Workers Built Their Own Empowering Co-op

To loosen bonds of poverty and sexual servitude, thousands have banded together. Second of four.

By John Restakis, 20 Jan 2011


The Daughters of Kali

A story of hope and self-empowerment in Calcutta's oldest red-light district. First of four.

By John Restakis, 19 Jan 2011