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Jean Swanson

Jean Swanson (swancam at is co-ordinator of the Carnegie Community Action Project in Vancouver. She has been an anti-poverty activist for 30 years and wrote the book, Poor Bashing: The politics of exclusion.

Stories by Jean Swanson


A National Housing Strategy to Maintain Homelessness for Decades to Come

The federal government’s recently announced housing initiative is merely more gentrification to low-income neighbourhoods and profits for private land owners.

By Jean Swanson and Sara Sagaii, 30 Nov 2017


Too Little, Too Late for Vancouver’s Housing U-Turn

Nine years after broken promise to end homelessness, it’s time for a radical new approach.

By Jean Swanson, 9 Aug 2017


East Van to MLA Sultan: Raising Welfare Rates 'Opposite of Dead End'

Mount Pleasant voices fire back, call for BC poverty reduction plan.

By Jean Swanson and Erin Kastner, 28 Jan 2016


Downtown Eastside Seeks Foreign Aid

Vancouver group asks UN to help homeless Canadians.

By Jean Swanson, 18 Oct 2007


Time to Up Welfare Payments

Let's tell government to stop playing Scrooge.

By Jean Swanson, 26 Dec 2005