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James Rowe

James Rowe is an assistant professor of Political Ecology in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria.

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Stories by James Rowe


UVic Seeks to Profit from Corporate Climate Change Deniers

University should live up to its avowed image as a leader in sustainability and divest from fossil fuel companies.

By James Rowe, Claire O'Manique, Emi Belliveau and Malkolm Boothroyd, 3 Nov 2017


How the NDP and Greens Can Grow BC’s Cooperative Economy

Co-ops make us wealthier and more equal, and government can do plenty to foster them.

By James Rowe, Ana Maria Peredo and John Restakis, 27 Jul 2017


Is Petro-Divestment Too Divisive?

Suncor thinks so, but we say it's crucial to challenging Canada's unfair climate politics.

By Jessica Dempsey and James Rowe, 2 Feb 2015


Why the Petro-Divestment Movement Is Unstoppable

Swelling numbers see only governments can keep life-threatening fossil fuels in ground.

By James Rowe, Jessica Dempsey, Kelsey Mech and Peter Gibbs, 2 Jun 2014


New Dems Poised to Inherit a BC Shaped by Neoliberalism

BC Liberal rule has made this 'The Best Place on Earth' for the already prosperous.

By James Rowe, 3 Apr 2013


Occupy the Economy

If I say 'social economy' what comes to mind? Belonging is a good way to close the divide.

By James Rowe, 24 Nov 2011


Are the Green Police Bad for the Environment?

Audi sells cars by making fun of eco-cops. It's greenwash, but don't ignore the ad's appeal.

By James Rowe, 3 Mar 2010