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Iglika Ivanova

Iglika Ivanova is an economist and researcher with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives in Vancouver.

Stories by Iglika Ivanova


BC’s Massive Tax Giveaway to the Rich

Over 16 years, our system has been reshaped to favour the top one per cent of households.

By Alex Hemingway and Iglika Ivanova, 17 Feb 2017


Three Worrying Economic Trends Beyond Canada's GDP Drop

New data confirms what 79 per cent of Canadians already felt.

By Iglika Ivanova, 3 Sep 2015


Three Worrying BC Job Trends to Track

On the eve of Budget 2015, a reminder of our painfully slow recession recovery.

By Iglika Ivanova, 16 Feb 2015


What Can Be Done to Create Meaningful, Lasting Jobs in BC?

Off the top, here are 31 ideas.

By Iglika Ivanova, 3 Dec 2014


Is the Overspending Fear Mongering Justified?

Not at all. Both Libs and NDP have reduced spending as a share of the economy, and neither plans to alter that.

By Iglika Ivanova, 9 May 2013


Can BC Afford More Deficits?

Yes, easily. And given previous tax cuts, there’s really no choice.

By Iglika Ivanova and Seth Klein, 17 Apr 2013


BC Has Plenty of Room to Raise Taxes

Next time someone says we can't, here are debunking facts.

By Shannon Daub, Iglika Ivanova and Seth Klein, 18 Mar 2013


Seven Reasons to Support Low Tuition Fees

Quebec protesters are helping us see a Canada-wide problem, and solution.

By Iglika Ivanova, 13 Jun 2012


Working Below the Poverty Line

Big pay raise for BC bureaucrats highlights yawning income gap.

By Iglika Ivanova, 19 Aug 2008