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Guy Dauncey

Stories by Guy Dauncey


Why Trump’s Paris Withdrawal Redoubles BC Resolve to Tackle Climate Change

A certain president may not get it, but most British Columbians do.

By Guy Dauncey, 7 Jun 2017


Eight Solutions to Canada’s Housing Crisis

From co-ops to tax reform to municipal zoning, we have tools to provide homes for everyone.

By Guy Dauncey, 10 Dec 2016


Why Campbell's HST Is Bad for the Planet

Fossil fuels are exempted, making the carbon tax a joke. Here's a better idea.

By Guy Dauncey, 12 May 2010


A Tsunami of Kindness

British Columbians join the digital, global Adopt a Village movement.

By Guy Dauncey, 3 Jan 2005


Canada's Olympic Secret

How did Canada really do in Athens? Stop crying. Better than the U.S. but worse than Cuba.

By Guy Dauncey, 10 Sep 2004