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Erick Villagomez

Erick Villagomez is a Vancouver architect and co-founder of Re:Place, a new magazine and website focusing on sustainable urban planning and architecture in the Vancouver region.

Stories by Erick Villagomez


A Tyee Series

A Park for Emery Barnes

Constance Barnes and Malcolm Bromley on what makes a powerful public space. First in a series highlighting great BC indie magazines.

By Yuri Artibise, Brendan Hurley and Erick Villagomez, 22 Aug 2012


Towers on Cambie: Vancouver's Top Planner Explains

Brent Toderian on the city's mid-rise future, thinking in corridors, Goldilocks, and more.

By Erick Villagomez, 13 May 2011


Vancouver's Downtown Chases out Kids

Have you heard the core of towers is proving good for families with children? That's not true, as these maps prove.

By Erick Villagomez, 2 Mar 2011


Why Transit Is Key to a Culturally Vibrant City

Mapping where immigrants settle shows Metro Vancouver's transit nodes are cradles of the region's cultural diversity.

By Erick Villagomez, 17 Nov 2010


Vancouver's Ugly Home Craze

City hall spawned weird new housing form: the 'Mohawk.'

By Erick Villagomez, 1 Jul 2008


Will EcoDensity Make City More Affordable?

History, and high land values, say don't count on it.

By Erick Villagomez, 29 Feb 2008


Who's Been Densified, Who Hasn't

It's time for 'equal density.' Vancouver's Westside should absorb its share.

By Erick Villagomez, 18 Feb 2008