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Elizabeth May

Stories by Elizabeth May


May: 'Green Party Does Not Split the Vote'

Green leader fires back at Tyee piece that argued her party will help Harper's chances.

By Elizabeth May, 27 Jun 2015


Harper's Police State Law

Passing it means 'death of freedom' writes Green leader Elizabeth May.

By Elizabeth May, 9 Feb 2015


'Fair Elections Act' Addresses the Wrong Crisis

The issue isn't voter fraud; it's Canadians' waning faith in our democratic institutions.

By Elizabeth May, 17 Feb 2014


Bill C-38: the Environmental Destruction Act

Packing so many attacks on nature into one bill, Harper bets, will confuse citizens. Here's what's at stake.

By Elizabeth May, 10 May 2012


Elizabeth May Takes on Joe Oliver

Green leader responds to resource minister's 'open letter' slamming 'environmentalists and other radicals.'

By Elizabeth May, 10 Jan 2012