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Deborah Campbell

Deborah Campbell ( is a Vancouver writer, associate editor at Adbusters magazine and author of a book of reportage, This Heated Place.

Stories by Deborah Campbell


Start of a Friendship: Meeting My Fixer in Syria’s ‘Little Baghdad’

A slice from Deborah Campbell’s celebrated new memoir ‘A Disappearance in Damascus.’

By Deborah Campbell, 19 Oct 2016


Afghanistan and After

An interview with Ann Jones, a leading authority on violence and its consequences.

By Deborah Campbell, 13 Mar 2014


Can Vancouver 'Rewild'?

J.B. MacKinnon explores his hometown's past and possible future in a free talk Thursday at UBC.

By Deborah Campbell, 25 Feb 2014


You Are Being Watched. Now What?

Cybersurveillance expert Ron Deibert on Canada's privacy rights abyss, protecting your digital dog tag, and more.

By Deborah Campbell, 21 Jan 2014


Andrew Nikiforuk on Big Energy: An Interview

Fresh from winning major award, the writer gives free talk at UBC this afternoon. A preview.

By Deborah Campbell, 21 Nov 2013


Elizabeth May: How to Stop Harper's 'Elected Dictatorship'

Green MP on PM's dangerous decisions, opposition tactics and rustlings of hope in Tory benches.

By Deborah Campbell, 16 Oct 2013


'Sussex Drive': A Very Canadian Coup

Novelist Linda Svendsen on our proroguing rogue of a PM, satire's comfort, and more. Plus, an excerpt.

By Deborah Campbell, 3 Oct 2012


My Mennonite Father

Why Andreas Schroeder's 'Renovating Heaven' couldn't be printed for 15 years.

By Deborah Campbell, 14 Apr 2009


Iran's Feminists

It takes bravery and finesse, 'like a trapeze artist.'

By Deborah Campbell, 29 Mar 2007


What to Read While the Cradle Burns

Seven books about the Middle East deftly explore stories and issues underlying the headlines.

By Deborah Campbell, 21 Jul 2006


Why Bush Fears this Woman

Helen Thomas's dogged White House reporting has made her an unlikely celebrity.

By Deborah Campbell, 4 Jul 2006


Top BC Artists Re-Imagine School

Two playful exhibits take kids seriously.

By Deborah Campbell, 18 Apr 2006


A Global Nanny's Story

The Philippines exports caregivers, stripping its own families of mothers. Crisanta Sampang knows the cost.

By Deborah Campbell, 28 Mar 2006


Finding Meaning in Madness: The Legacy of Daniel Pearl

The cartoon riots. A murdered journalist. A plea for peace-making 'alchemy.'

By Deborah Campbell, 7 Feb 2006


What Hostages Were Doing in Iraq

The brave work of the Christian Peacemaker Team.

By Deborah Campbell, 30 Nov 2005


Can Journalism Be Art?

The 'New New Journalism' seeks truths in the details.

By Deborah Campbell, 1 Nov 2005


Bushed! It's All for the Best

Why we're better off without 'go it together' Kerry for president.

By Deborah Campbell, 9 Nov 2004


Where Noam Has Gone Before

Chomsky's weekend visit to Vancouver drew adoring crowds. He didn't say anything new, but his 'greatest hits' against U.S. policy aren't

By Deborah Campbell, 22 Mar 2004


Stronach Groped by Sexist Scrum

Why the news media need to take a cold shower.

By Deborah Campbell, 3 Feb 2004


Columnist was 'Ant in a Hurricane'

Canadian journalists should reality check the U.S. press - but don't try it at the National Post, says one who quit.

By Deborah Campbell, 24 Nov 2003