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Claudia Cornwall

Claudia Cornwall is a freelance writer based in North Vancouver.  Her family memoir about the Holocaust, A Letter from Vienna won the 1996 Hubert Evans BC Book Prize for best non-fiction.

Stories by Claudia Cornwall


Athletes Discover Healing Power of All-Season Ocean Swimming

'It's therapeutic for the mind, the body and the spirit,' says swimmer.

By Claudia Cornwall, 27 Apr 2015


Rescuer of BC's Lost Artists

Mona Fertig brings forgotten genius out of the shadows.

By Claudia Cornwall, 16 Mar 2009


The Suicide Bomber of Clayoquot Sound, Revived

He struck in 1811, as a US tycoon's ambitions sank. The history that may become a movie.

By Claudia Cornwall, 14 Mar 2008


The Night War Vets Seized the Vancouver Hotel

Back from battle in 1946, they had to fight for shelter.

By Claudia Cornwall, 13 Nov 2006


The Triumphant Return of the Shanghai Lounge Divas

Ian Widgery remixed Chinese pop music 70 years old, and created an Asian smash hit.

By Claudia Cornwall, 25 Mar 2005


Elegy for a Beatnik

At the Vancouver Art Gallery, Fred Douglas cleaned up, slept naked, and finally got an exhibit.

By Claudia Cornwall, 16 Mar 2005


A Province for Sale?

As B.C. assets shift into foreign hands, some see a big cost: Ability to chart our own economic future.

By Claudia Cornwall, 14 Jan 2005


World's P3 Kings Bid in B.C.

Over 30 huge but little known global firms are behind bids for a single B.C. highway contract. Despite conflict concerns, some also advise government on its P3 strategy.

By Claudia Cornwall, 20 Sep 2004


Privatized Sea-to-Sky Under Attack

Instead of a tunnel, taxpayers will get an expensive, highly risky 'P3' upgrade, warns West Vancouver's mayor and a union president.

By Claudia Cornwall, 6 Aug 2004


Olympian Fight over Sea-to-Sky Fix

West Vancouver residents fear the provincial government may betray its 'Green Games' commitment. Leading the revolt: the mayor and some staunch B.C. Liberals.

By Claudia Cornwall, 15 Jul 2004


Liquor Stores Pack Political Punch

In one B.C. Liberal stronghold, anger uncorks over who can sell booze and where.

By Claudia Cornwall, 7 Jun 2004

Young and Breastless

Having survived 'Cancerland', an artist finds wry humour and even a gift in the disease

By Claudia Cornwall, 1 Jun 2004

The Camera's Secret Revenge

A Jewish photographer created a rare and risky record of life under the Nazis in a Lithuanian ghetto, now on display in Vancouver.

By Claudia Cornwall, 7 May 2004