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Chris Tenove

Chris Tenove is a journalist and broadcaster based in Vancouver. He writes for magazines such as The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, Reader’s Digest, and Maclean’s, and produces radio documentaries for CBC and the Radio Netherlands World Service. He is a contributing editor for The Tyee. For more information, see

Stories by Chris Tenove


Three Paths to a Non-Partisan Senate

Trudeau was right to nix party ties. Now, how to build a new Red Chamber?

By Michael MacKenzie and Chris Tenove, 3 Feb 2014


Can Kids Be War Criminals?

Consider the cases of Omar Khadr and Ishmael Beah.

By Chris Tenove, 11 Jun 2007


Biafra's Brief Ray of Hope

WRITERS FEST: Adichie's 'Yellow Sun' explores the tragic results of a black African nation's defiant secession.

By Chris Tenove, 24 Oct 2006


The Cure for Affluence

WRITERS FEST: Doctor and novelist Kevin Patterson says we need $200-a-barrel oil, or maybe a good narwhal hunt.

By Chris Tenove, 17 Oct 2006


A Tyee Series

What Africa Teaches Us About Canada

In conversation with Senator Jaffer and Clement Apaak.

By Chris Tenove, 10 Nov 2005


A Tyee Series

Making the Connections Between Canada and Africa

Stephen Lewis draws a line. First in a week-long series.

By Chris Tenove, 7 Nov 2005


Hunting Down a Killer in Paradise

Author J.B. Mackinnon on the man, and politics, that murdered his uncle.

By Chris Tenove, 22 Sep 2005


Wanted in Rural BC: Politicians Who See Potential

Cuts sent small towns like Lillooet and Wells reeling, but researchers see value there.

By Chris Tenove, 26 Apr 2005


Hard Feelings in the Hurtland

Lillooet went solidly Liberal in 2001. Devastating cuts have residents crying betrayal.

By Chris Tenove, 22 Apr 2005


Forest Oversight Buzz Sawed

Public servants who policed forest practices have been decimated, says a new report. Can B.C. timber firms be trusted to police themselves?

By Chris Tenove, 7 Dec 2004


In America, There's No Debate

A Canadian wandering the U.S. finds a people polarized, their minds sucked clean by tornados of favourite spin.

By Chris Tenove, 1 Oct 2004


Waiting for the EcoCultural Tourists

In Alert Bay, the fishing is dying and the future rides on aboriginal entrepreneurs wooing visitors.

By Chris Tenove, 11 May 2004


Writing a Novel Can Drive You Crazy

But fiction won't likely cause a nuclear conflagration. Author Jan Lars Jensen eventually figured that out.

By Chris Tenove, 16 Apr 2004


Coal Mine to Campbell River: Adopt Me!

Thanks to creative map making, Canada's last underground coal mine just 'moved' inside Campbell River, and may feed B.C.'s first coal-fire

By Chris Tenove, 18 Mar 2004


The Lonely Life of the Independent MLA

What can Elayne Brenzinger expect after her bolt from the Liberals? Ask the last guy to do it, Paul Nettleton.

By Chris Tenove, 11 Mar 2004


Small-town justice steps back into the past

Dramatic cuts to legal aid have left many poor people without lawyers, with troubling consequences.

By Chris Tenove, 12 Feb 2004


Ghost Town Blues

What does it take to survive in the B.C. interior's grim economy? Having tried hunger striking to nudity, tiny Wells/Barkerville now dreams of a new gold rush.

By Chris Tenove, 2 Dec 2003


A 'Heartland' City in Revolt

In Prince George, even a key supporter of the BC Rail privatization calls the provincial government's communication effort "pathetic." And the backlash is getting noisier by the day.

By Chris Tenove, 14 Nov 2003


Why Are We Selling Our Railway?

Need to get up to speed on the BC Rail privatization issues? Climb aboard, and read on

By Chris Tenove, 14 Nov 2003