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Chris Cannon

Chris Cannon once declined a week touring in Willie Nelson's bus so he could attend his final exams and graduate college. It was the worst decision of his life.

Reporting Beat: Chris covers whatever pokes him in the eye and says howdy, and loves the constant learning that his job entails.

Twitter: @cannonwriter


Stories by Chris Cannon


If It Loses US Election, Canada Party Proposes Wall

Satirists unveil plan in case of Nov. 6 defeat. Complete with hamster wheel.

By Brian Calvert and Chris Cannon, 3 Nov 2012


Canada Party Election Vow: Reshape America's Landscape

If they win on Nov. 6, satirists running for presidency propose inspiring changes to US monuments.

By Chris Cannon and Brian Calvert, 27 Oct 2012


Tonight, Join us for a 'Canada Party' Party

Celebrate satirists' bid to takeover America with drinks, celeb panel and musical greatness! Plus, rules for their 'Grok the Vote' drinking game.

By Brian Calvert and Chris Cannon, 26 Sep 2012


The Anti-Social Network

How about a new digital sphere for people who just don't like people?

By Chris Cannon, 27 Aug 2012


Ode to an Ageless Adventurer

About to retire, Jon Turk checked one more item off his to-do list: 2,400 km of icy hell.

By Chris Cannon, 7 Dec 2011


A Tyee Series

Trained to Kill

When you look down your rifle, you find death at both ends. Conclusion of the memoir 'Little Sins.'

By Chris Cannon, 29 Jul 2011


A Tyee Series

At Life's Excruciating Edge

Your body can turn against you, and there's one person you can't count on. Part two of the memoir 'Little Sins.'

By Chris Cannon, 28 Jul 2011


A Tyee Series

Little Sins

Guns, marrow and second chances. A memoir of regrets navigated. Part one.

By Chris Cannon, 27 Jul 2011


Reacting to Osama bin Laden's Death

A former counter-terrorism marine reflects on America's troubling catharsis.

By Chris Cannon, 9 May 2011


So You Want to Be a US Supreme Court Justice

Elena Kagan's try for the job goes to vote today in Congress. First, she had to fill out this form.

By Chris Cannon, 5 Aug 2010


A Tyee Series

Save the Planet, Share a Roof

Collective living is greener, saves money and might just expand your world. Last in a reader-funded series.

By Chris Cannon, 28 Apr 2010


A Tyee Series

Wash and Share Clothing, a Perfect Fit

New garments made from even 'natural' cotton harm the planet. How to reuse in style. Third in a reader-funded series.

By Chris Cannon, 27 Apr 2010


A Tyee Series

Rise of the Communal Bike and Car

As cooperative auto networks catch on, let's sprinkle our cities with public bicycles, too. Second in the reader-funded series 'Share Tactics'.

By Chris Cannon, 21 Apr 2010


A Tyee Series

All Together Now

Why sharing stuff is the way to fend off environmental catastrophe -- and eco-narcissists need not apply. First in a reader-funded series.

By Chris Cannon, 20 Apr 2010


New Teen Pregnancy Policy Unveiled

'Abstinence Plus' keys off latest research findings, pioneers innovative iPhone aps.

By Chris Cannon, 1 Apr 2010


Cutting Back with the Joneses

One mother's practical plan to bring efficiency back to family life.

By Chris Cannon, 22 Feb 2010


Fat Chance

Packed on a bit over the holidays? Hey, that wheel doesn't turn itself.

By Chris Cannon, 31 Dec 2009


Positions Available at White House

Some job opportunities in the US you may have missed.

By Chris Cannon, 30 Oct 2009