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Bryan Carney


Bryan Carney is Director of Web Production at The Tyee. You can follow his very occasional tweets at @bpcarney.

Stories by Bryan Carney


Nine Tyee Reader Favourites from 2017

The stories you read — and dove deep into — this year.

By Bryan Carney, 18 Dec 2017


Police Track TransLink Riders Using Debit, Credit Card Info

Law enforcement can access financial transaction records to identify Compass card users.

By Bryan Carney, 10 Nov 2017


Help Us Decide How to Manage Comments — and Protect Your Privacy

Disqus has served The Tyee well, but privacy breach and ad plans raise some concerns.

By Bryan Carney, 2 Nov 2017


Can a Phoenix Rise From the Ashes of Canada’s News Media?

Dave Bidini aims to find out with a crowdfunded community newspaper experiment launching this week.

By Bryan Carney, 12 Oct 2017


The Big ‘If’ in The Rebel’s Censorship Claim

Two weeks after claiming site disrupted, right-wing media business has provided few answers.

By Bryan Carney, 5 Sep 2017


Only Fiction Can Help Us Understand ‘2Q17’

Two novels that can help you live in a world gone mad — and restore some sanity.

By Bryan Carney, 23 Aug 2017


TransLink Increasingly Sharing Riders’ Personal Information, Travel With Police

Exclusive: Tyee FOI request uncovers increase in police requests for personal information without independent oversight, notice to targeted individuals.

By Bryan Carney, 8 Aug 2017


Top Catches, Oddities and Ones that Almost Got Away: 2016 in The Tyee

A look at the stories that captured your attention — and comments — this year.

By Bryan Carney, 30 Dec 2016


The Tyee Is Upping Its Security Game

In preparation for a Trump-led NSA, we’re making our tiny contribution to online security.

By Bryan Carney, 28 Nov 2016