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Bryan Carney


Bryan Carney is Director of Web Production at The Tyee. You can follow his very occasional tweets at @bpcarney.

Stories by Bryan Carney


Can a Phoenix Rise From the Ashes of Canada’s News Media?

Dave Bidini aims to find out with a crowdfunded community newspaper experiment launching this week.

By Bryan Carney, 12 Oct 2017


The Big ‘If’ in The Rebel’s Censorship Claim

Two weeks after claiming site disrupted, right-wing media business has provided few answers.

By Bryan Carney, 5 Sep 2017


Only Fiction Can Help Us Understand ‘2Q17’

Two novels that can help you live in a world gone mad — and restore some sanity.

By Bryan Carney, 23 Aug 2017


TransLink Increasingly Sharing Riders’ Personal Information, Travel With Police

Exclusive: Tyee FOI request uncovers increase in police requests for personal information without independent oversight, notice to targeted individuals.

By Bryan Carney, 8 Aug 2017


Top Catches, Oddities and Ones that Almost Got Away: 2016 in The Tyee

A look at the stories that captured your attention — and comments — this year.

By Bryan Carney, 30 Dec 2016


The Tyee Is Upping Its Security Game

In preparation for a Trump-led NSA, we’re making our tiny contribution to online security.

By Bryan Carney, 28 Nov 2016