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Barbara McLintock

Barbara McLintock, a regular contributor to The Tyee, is a freelance writer and consultant based in Victoria and author of Anorexia’s Fallen Angel.

Stories by Barbara McLintock


America's Scary Non-Voters

And the alarm they raise for Canadians.

By Barbara McLintock, 17 May 2006


Fifteen Budget Nuggets

Stuff you'd never know without reading the B.C. government's budget documents.

By Barbara McLintock, 22 Feb 2006


Doc Dares to Defy Mr. Floatie

Victoria's medical chief: treat people, not sewage.

By Barbara McLintock, 14 Nov 2005


The Grim Lives of Virk's Attackers

Rootlessness, poverty, trauma marked their youths, a new book finds.

By Barbara McLintock, 13 Sep 2005


Can Taylor Swing an Axe?

Her coffers overflowing, how can finance minister say 'no'?

By Barbara McLintock, 30 Aug 2005


For Martin, It's Story Time

Party leaders vie to see whose yarn grabs the audience.

By Barbara McLintock, 23 May 2005


Tough Questions for Carole James

As the election comes down to the wire, some hard questions for James and the NDP.

By Barbara McLintock, 12 May 2005


Ten Questions for Campbell

Some key questions left unanswered by the BC Liberals' newly released platform.

By Barbara McLintock, 2 May 2005


Budget Plans Spell End to B.C. Libs’ Spending Binge

Steep declines in spending after election, government documents reveal.

By Barbara McLintock, 12 Apr 2005


Carole Taylor's Heavy Load

B.C. Liberals expect her star appeal to woo women back. But after four years, the gender divide is wide.

By Barbara McLintock, 4 Apr 2005


Geoff Plant and the B.C. Liberals’ Exodus

The motives are personal, ideological – and cold, hard political realism.

By Barbara McLintock, 14 Mar 2005


Private Land, Public Good, Texas-style

A ranch near Houston balances nature and commerce, to keep subdivision away.

By Barbara McLintock, 7 Feb 2005


Raids: How Big a Scandal?

David Basi and Bob Virk were key players in B.C.'s Liberal government with strong ties to the Prime Minister. The RCMP raid of their offices as part of a probe into drugs and organized crime will likely cloud the next elections, federal and provincial.

By Barbara McLintock, 30 Dec 2004


Ho Hum, Criminal Charges for Liberal Aides

These indictments allege corruption of major government deals. So why the big yawn?

By Barbara McLintock, 24 Dec 2004


Teens with Dramatic Endings

Director David Diamond calls his plays 'theatre as a rehearsal for life.' This one may save lives.

By Barbara McLintock, 16 Nov 2004


Greens the Big Losers in By-Election

By-elections are a prime opportunity for voters to cast their protest vote, and Adriane Carr didn't get it.

By Barbara McLintock, 29 Oct 2004


New Drunk Driving Law Oversold

Minister declares a crackdown, but 'musts' melt into 'maybes' when law is read closely.

By Barbara McLintock, 21 Oct 2004


Addictions Minister Once Promoted Smoking, Alcohol, Gaming

Liberal appointee Brenda Locke fought tighter drunk driving and smoking laws, pushed video lottery terminals.

By Barbara McLintock, 5 Oct 2004


'We've Lost Control of the Party'

Premier Campbell's coalition is fraying as social conservatives gain power, say 'small l' Liberal MLAs.

By Barbara McLintock, 29 Sep 2004


Clark's Ghosts Dog James

A new trial could make it hard for the NDP to slam botched privatizations.

By Barbara McLintock, 13 Sep 2004


Cancerous Journalism

Philip Morris has shown a genius for buying off the media. Just ask the Fraser Institute.

By Barbara McLintock, 17 Aug 2004


The Hidden Job Screen

In job interviews, Asians and other immigrants lose out to less qualified 'western' applicants. Is racism or something else to blame?

By Barbara McLintock, 28 Jul 2004


Return to Croatia, Still Wounded

Canadian troops helped establish peace here ten long years ago. When does the trauma of war heal?

By Barbara McLintock, 19 Jul 2004


Did Majencio Camaso Have to Die?

The Saanich police shooting of a deranged immigrant raises questions about deadly force and how lives unravel.

By Barbara McLintock, 13 Jul 2004


Another Liberal 'Young Turk' Arrested

While waging war on crystal meth, the Liberal government sees one of its own aides arrested for possession with intent to traffic.

By Barbara McLintock, 4 Jul 2004


The Curious Case of Sam Nagra

The Indo-Canadian who professed Liberal power and accused the media of racism, now stands accused of fraud and more.

By Barbara McLintock, 10 May 2004


How Did Premier Lose Public on Strike?

And more questions as dust settles on HEU dispute, with more labour fights looming.

By Barbara McLintock, 10 May 2004


Beware the Pesticide Scare

If you work with pesticides, you face peril. But a big report overblows proven risk to the average kid.

By Barbara McLintock, 27 Apr 2004


The Other U.S. Border

Where Bush doesn't matter at all, and Iraq is on another planet.

By Barbara McLintock, 19 Apr 2004


Reading the Signs of Sexual Abuse

Two decades ago, a Jericho Hill School for the Deaf student revealed a dark secret. For him and hundreds more, justice took far too long to arrive.

By Barbara McLintock, 13 Apr 2004


Will Privatizers Invade Our Privacy?

A U.S. firm could win control of B.C.'s medical records - and reveal your secrets to the F.B.I. Time to study the fine print of America's 'Patriot Act.'

By Barbara McLintock, 29 Mar 2004


A 'Terrorist' with Lots of Local Fans

When does activism cross the line to terrorism? The arrest of eco-radical Tre Arrow is sure to re-ignite that debate.

By Barbara McLintock, 16 Mar 2004


Raid Warrants Crack Pandora's Box

Speculation is now fact, portending persistent trouble for the B.C. Rail deal, Finance Minister Collins and the Liberals.

By Barbara McLintock, 2 Mar 2004


Balanced budget will be built on the wages of sin

Smokers, drinkers and gamblers are paying a heavy price. Add the increased sales tax and MSP premiums and the Liberals income-tax break a distant memory for ordinary British Columbians.

By Barbara McLintock, 16 Feb 2004


Buried in the Avalanche of Paper

Here are 20 things you'd never know without reading the detailed B.C. budget documents.

By Barbara McLintock, 16 Feb 2004


Can a Billionaire Be Nice?

If you don't think so, Michael Lee-Chin may change your mind.

By Barbara McLintock, 5 Feb 2004


Liberals Back Away from Drunk Driving Changes

Police who believed softer law was fast-tracked are glad to see it derailed.

By Barbara McLintock, 2 Feb 2004


Liberals May Soften Drunk Driving Law

Barely a year after the premier's DUI arrest, The Tyee has learned B.C.'s government has plans to decriminalize impaired driving offenses.

By Barbara McLintock, 30 Jan 2004


Christy Clark's Next Battleground

The Ministry of Child and Family Development faces deep cuts. Many frontline workers fear they lost an advocate in Gordon Hogg.

By Barbara McLintock, 28 Jan 2004


Were Raids About Race?

Are Indo-Canadians unfairly targeted by the 'Legi-Gate' investigation? A Sikh temple president says yes - but race and politics can be a complex mix in B.C.

By Barbara McLintock, 20 Jan 2004


Premier Scrambles to 'Restore Trust'

Gordon Campbell's dance with the media yesterday at one point defied credulity, and left all the big questions unanswered.

By Barbara McLintock, 8 Jan 2004


Doctor's Orders for B.C.

The Provincial health Officer prescribes these health practices for individuals - and government.

By Barbara McLintock, 15 Dec 2003


B.C.'s Doctor is Worried

Everyone in B.C. is his patient, and Dr. Perry Kendall's check-up includes the effects of poverty and homelessness on our collective health. Contrary to feel-good headlines, his report sounds alarms.

By Barbara McLintock, 15 Dec 2003


Second Chance, or Last One, for New Democrats

As the NDP readies to pick a new leader, the stakes couldn't be higher. The frontrunners - James, Krog, Jensen and Orcherton - sell starkly different visions for how to revive the party.

By Barbara McLintock, 20 Nov 2003


How They Try to Fatten Us Up

And what we really need to do to reverse the junk food culture consuming us.

By Barbara McLintock, 7 Nov 2003