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Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

Alex Waterhouse-Hayward  has been a magazine photographer in Vancouver for 28 years. While he thinks the jury is out for web pages, he will not object if you Google him (don't forget the hyphen).

Stories by Alex Waterhouse-Hayward

The Lost Art of Racing

When the machines, and the men, still thrilled.

By Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, 17 Apr 2006

Variations on a Famous Nude

Man Ray's work inspires students to jazz it up.

By Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, 25 Aug 2005

A Lifetime in Twelve Months

Fall in the garden, as these images remind, whispers a beautiful ode to death and second chances.

By Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, 5 Oct 2004

Getting Rid of the Box

Recording images of flowers on a flatbed scanner recalls photography's early experiments

By Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, 23 Jun 2004

Paid to See All

When a woman hires me to photograph her nude, the dynamics are delicate.

By Alex Waterhouse-Hayward, 22 Mar 2004