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Adele Weder

Stories by Adele Weder


New Vancouver Art Gallery Design 'A Form that Can Be Controlled'

What 'porous' but not quite 'open' space means for civic health.

By Adele Weder, 3 Nov 2015


The Vancouver Architect Who Made Nature His Muse

Traveling exhibition celebrates Ron Thom, who found higher beauty in the handmade.

By Adele Weder, 6 Sep 2013


Selwyn Pullan, West Coast Tastemaker

The architectural photographer captured modernism's naked wood and glass, which helped make our place. A new book turns the lens on him.

By Adele Weder, 18 Oct 2012


'Thrown': Respect for the Ordinary Pot

BC once had a thriving pottery scene, emblematic of '60s counterculture. What happened?

By Adele Weder, 11 Aug 2011


World's Coolest Public Urinal, and How It Was Invented

Form follows bodily function to create the perfect pissoir, designed for Victoria by Matthew Soules.

By Adele Weder, 7 Feb 2011


Vancouver's Architectural Revival

Behind the shiny surfaces there is a public logic guided by City Hall policies.

By Adele Weder, 25 Jun 2010

A Tyee Series

Architecture of Hope Revisited

BC saw a flowering of innovative First Nations school design. What grows there now?

By Adele Weder, 27 Feb 2009

Is Your City Boring? Make It Wild

Two BC architects want to transform cities into literal urban jungles.

By Adele Weder, 19 Jan 2009


A Tyee Series

Uncool: Vancouver's Olympic Architecture

It's ever more clear we should have set designers free.

By Adele Weder, 17 Dec 2008


UBC gets $30K from province for social housing program

By Adele Weder, 16 Dec 2008


A Tyee Series

Women Building Their Power Base in BC's Architecture World

Latest sign: First all-female firm gets plum projects.

By Adele Weder, 1 Dec 2008


A Tyee Series

Nk'Mip Centre Shimmers in Desert

Osoyoos Band offers new way to imagine 'breathtaking' buildings amidst the financial crash.

By Adele Weder, 22 Oct 2008


A Tyee Series

A City's Shapes to Come?

Rethinking the micro-house at the Movers and Shapers show.

By Adele Weder, 23 Apr 2008


A Tyee Series

Can 'Eco-Density' Be Beautiful?

New initiative means new architecture. But how will it look?

By Adele Weder, 18 Mar 2008


A Tyee Series

Arthur Erickson, the Brand

His new condo tower is more ritzy than timeless.

By Adele Weder, 21 Jan 2008


A Tyee Series

City Abandons Its Heritage Gems

Vancouver halts program that tied 'eco-density' to restoring historic buildings.

By Adele Weder, 5 Nov 2007


A Tyee Series

The $18 Million Condo

Vancouver's new architectural paradigm: the insanely priced pied-á-terre.

By Adele Weder, 25 Oct 2007


Vancouver's Heart Up for Grabs

Shaping a $300 million arts district: Who decides? A special report.

By Adele Weder, 29 Jan 2007


Andrès Duany, Riverfront Gambler

Planning guru guiding Vancouver's East Fraserlands fends off critics. A Tyee interview.

By Adele Weder, 16 Jan 2007


In Search of Canadian Architecture

'Deceptively modest?' We need a loud argument.

By Adele Weder, 14 Feb 2006