Canada's Temporary Foreign Workers Controversy: Years in the Making

In this four part series, Krystle Alarcon brings together years of recorded injustice and abuse related to Canada's Temporary Foreign Workers Program, which the Harper government says it is reviewing.

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Abbottsford migrant workers

The Invisibles: Migrant Workers in Canada

Reports of exploited foreign temps have grown as fast as the federal program. First in a series.

By Krystle Alarcon, 7 Jan 2013


Imported Workers

Imported Workers Fight Back

How Latin Americans hired to build Canada Line bravely exposed Temporary Foreign Worker Program injustices. Second in a series.

By Krystle Alarcon, 8 Jan 2013



Law Leaves Migrant Workers Dangling Precariously

Alfredo Sales knew blowing whistle on his boss was a huge risk. Fear is built into Canada's Temporary Foreign Worker Program. Third in a series.

By Krystle Alarcon, 9 Jan 2013


Human Resources Minister Diane Finley

Will Tories Fix Temp Foreign Worker Program?

Look to Manitoba for 'gold standard' of migrant worker protection, say advocates. Last in a series.

By Krystle Alarcon, 10 Jan 2013

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