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Those Firings at the Health Ministry Were Bad for Your Health

More than ever, we need prescription drug evaluation: MLAs.

By Judy Darcy and Adrian Dix, 20 Jan 2015


The Baseball Book Adrian Dix Wishes He Wrote

'Ill-fated but unforgettable' Montreal Expos were underdogs with heart.

By Adrian Dix, 29 Mar 2014


Dix to Clark: Time to Break Pipeline Silence

No evidence submitted to Gateway hearings, no public stand. Who will speak for BC?

By Adrian Dix, 6 Jul 2012


Legislature Can Deliver Justice to Woodlands Survivors

Why is BC's government still denying abused former students right to seek redress?

By Adrian Dix, 14 Feb 2012


Why John Kerry Can't Learn

The Democrats seem intent on snatching defeat from the jaws of victory again.

By Adrian Dix, 3 Aug 2004


New VI Massacre All Too Familiar

Sihota, Spector and a lot of other local content just got killed by CHUM in Victoria. It's the pattern in Canada, where promises melt into U.S.-made schlock.

By Adrian Dix, 12 Jul 2004