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Submitted by Tyee Staff, 10 Jul 2019

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How 'Fake News' Is Weaponized on Instagram

SFU professor highlights Instagram's place as a political battleground.

Tyee Staff, 2 Jul 2019


You're Invited To The "Pacific Celebration." No, Not You

1976 tourism promotion film shows a diverse city, without the diverse people.

By Tyee Staff, 8 Apr 2019


‘Edge of the Knife’: An Epic Film Performed Entirely in an Endangered Language

SGaawaay K’uuna retells the old Haida tale of Gaagiixiid — the Wildman.

By Tyee Staff, 1 Apr 2019

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Recent Video


1953 Film Depicts the Herring Hunting Days of Old

A suspenseful day in the life of a trawler in British Columbia's coastal waters.

By Tyee Staff, 22 Mar 2019


‘We Need To Be Better’: A Rallying Cry From First Call Keynote

Watch Michael Redhead Champagne deliver a powerful speech at the 2019 First Call Fundraising Gala.

By Tyee Staff, 19 Mar 2019

Screen Shot 2019-03-08 at 4.31.10 PM.png

A Pollution Crisis Is Quietly Unfolding in the Elk Valley

This stunning video by the Narwhal shows what happens when regulations are guidelines, not law.

By Tyee Staff, 8 Mar 2019


Tech Critics Parody IBM Oscars Ad

IBM made a commercial called 'Dear Tech.' Tech responded.

Tyee Staff, 1 Mar 2019


Vancouver Asahi Memorialized in New Heritage Minute

With voiceovers from Joy Kogawa and former Asahi player Kaye Kaminishi.

By Tyee Staff, 20 Feb 2019

Children of God | Teaser Trailer - video thumbnail

Children of God, Called ‘Must-See Theatre,’ Returns to Vancouver’s the Cultch

Don’t miss your chance to see Corey Payette’s award-winning musical.

By Tyee Staff, 11 Feb 2019


Megaphone's Speakers Bureau Is Changing the Way We Talk about Drug Use

By Tyee Staff, 5 Feb 2019


Hagfish Slime Is Revolting, but I Can't Look Away

So satisfying.

By Tyee Staff, 25 Jan 2019


Blight! A Horror Movie

Vancouver made a film in 1964 cheering bulldozed neighbourhoods.

By Tyee Staff, 14 Jan 2019


The Secret Lives of Cougars, Coyotes and Bears

With eerie intimacy, automated cameras catch animals in BC’s wild.

By Tyee Staff, 4 Jan 2019


Tyee Critic’s Choice: Pastoring a Shrinking Church in ‘First Reformed’

It’s not a cheery holiday flick, but it sums up a tumultuous year.

By Tyee Staff, 13 Dec 2018

What is Democracy? (Trailer 30 sec.- COMING SOON) - video thumbnail

Don’t Miss Your Chance to Catch NFB’s Searing Documentary: ‘What Is Democracy?’

Slew of new screenings at Vancity Theatre start December 7.

By Tyee Staff, 5 Dec 2018


Harry Smith’s ‘Rallying Call to the Younger Generation’

We’ve lost a great man. Here's a look back at his passionate activism.

By Tyee Staff, 28 Nov 2018


European Union Film Festival at The Cinematheque

By Tyee Staff, 19 Nov 2018

BC's options for electoral reform explained - video thumbnail

BC’s Options for Proportional Representation Explained

Tyee Staff and Megan Dias, 22 Oct 2018


‘An Ode to Street Trees’

From shade to safety, what’s not to like about street trees?

By Tyee Staff, 11 Sep 2018