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A Pollution Crisis Is Quietly Unfolding in the Elk Valley

Submitted by Tyee Staff, 8 Mar 2019

The Narwhal produced this video investigation into the selenium pollution crisis that has been quietly unfolding in the Elk Valley for decades. The contaminant is found in coal-rich deposits and is being released due to mining by Teck Resources — the second-largest exporter of coal for steel-making use in the world.

Thanks to the folks at the Narwhal for allowing us to host the video.


Vancouver Asahi Memorialized in New Heritage Minute

With voiceovers from Joy Kogawa and former Asahi player Kaye Kaminishi.

By Tyee Staff, 20 Feb 2019

Children of God | Teaser Trailer - video thumbnail

Children of God, Called ‘Must-See Theatre,’ Returns to Vancouver’s the Cultch

Don’t miss your chance to see Corey Payette’s award-winning musical.

By Tyee Staff, 11 Feb 2019

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