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WestJet Fired or Investigated Four Union Activists in Last Year

Airline denies dismissals were linked to employees' union activities.

By David P. Ball, 22 Mar 2016


Flying 'Low and Slow' with BC Floatplane Pilots

Hop in the cockpit with a local worker as iconic as fisher, logger or realtor.

By Phillip Vannini, 17 Mar 2016


Big Business Sues Seattle over Uber Union Bylaw

City councillor says suit claiming breach of antitrust law 'not a surprise.'

By David P. Ball, 9 Mar 2016


'I've Lived It': Under Fire for Disability Bus Pass Fee, Minister Shares Personal Story

'Don't tell me I don't understand, because I do,' says Michelle Stilwell.

By Andrew MacLeod, 4 Mar 2016


Tyee's Air Christy Scoop Takes off

For years FOI warrior Bob Mackin spotlighted premier's chartered flights, now earning big media headlines.

By Sarah Berman, 1 Mar 2016


Air Christy Climbs to Half Million Dollar Mark

Crack the pretzels: time for an update on our premier's latest itineraries.

By Bob Mackin, 25 Feb 2016


BC Libs Ruin Disability Rates Increase with Insulting Transit Clawback

Long overdue rate bump comes with a catch. And another. And another.

By Bill Tieleman, 23 Feb 2016


Don't Tell Me Letting Uber Ignore Rules Is about Competition

If regulations don't apply to Uber, they shouldn't apply to taxis either.

By Kevin Campbell, 28 Jan 2016


Dear PM: Don't Waste Billions on Bad Transit Projects

Toronto and Vancouver subway wrong for taxpayers, riders and planet.

By Patrick M. Condon, 25 Jan 2016


Why 2016 Could Be the Year of Green Energy

Electric car clears affordability milestone while solar scales up in Alberta.

By Tyler Hamilton, 13 Jan 2016


Waterless Reserve Celebrates New 'Freedom Road' Funding

End to 'very difficult way of life' in sight, says Shoal Lake 40 chief.

By David P. Ball, 17 Dec 2015


Fear Uber? You're No Techno-phobe

Tech is great, if we use it for a true 'sharing economy' that empowers workers.

By Michal Rozworski, 15 Dec 2015


One Big Idea to Tie Affordable Housing to Accessible Transit

You can't have one without the other. Enter the '30/30/30' plan.

By Katie Hyslop, 8 Dec 2015


Will Compass Card Leave Behind Vulnerable Transit Users?

As system evolves, some 18,000 people with disabilities, seniors may lose special access.

By Andrew MacLeod, 4 Dec 2015


Denman Island Cable Ferry Joins Fleet, but Critics Still Wary

BC Ferries says new vessel on budget, while retired master calls it a 'colossal waste of money.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 21 Nov 2015


Chilliwack Toad Tunnel Bridges Human-caused Gap

How did the Western toad cross the road? A community-funded ecopassage, of course.

By Chantal Strand, 23 Jul 2015


Transit-Tax Hungry Vancouver Hands Drivers Massive Free Lunch

Wait, what's the return on all that pricey urban land area devoted to cars?

By Mitchell Anderson, 15 Jul 2015


The Never-Ending Story of Uber

We've heard it before: internet upstart challenges power. Will consumers win?

By Michael Geist, 14 Jul 2015


Secrets of Failure: Why the Transit Referendum Crashed

Experts say it was doomed by design, and a politically crafty premier.

By Doug Ward, 6 Jul 2015


Even Vancouver Said No to $7.5B Transit Plebiscite

Region votes 62 per cent against referendum. 'We can't expand,' says TransLink CEO.

By David P. Ball, 2 Jul 2015