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Municipal Politics


Clearcut city? Rise of Condos Means Razed Trees, Bird Evictions

Vancouver has lost hundreds of hectares of canopy in just two decades.

By Margaret Munro, 25 May 2016


Vancouver Housing Report Mostly 'A's, but Look Closer, Critics Say

Absence of detail, too broad a focus among faults found in city’s renter strategy.

By Katie Hyslop, 18 May 2016


Where Should We Draw the Line On Expert Planning Power?

Urbanarium's last debate pits populism against skill.

By Christopher Cheung, 12 May 2016


Stressed Cities Try to Rein in Accommodation 'Sharing' Sites Like Airbnb

Evidence lacks, but critics link short-term rentals to low long-term vacancies.

By Alexander Villegas, 10 May 2016


Please Advise! Calgary Mayor Sorry for Uber Honesty

Doc Steve soothes a chastened Nenshi: if only all gaffes were so endearing.

By Steve Burgess, 27 Apr 2016


Why One Corner of East Van Could Be Truly Revolutionary

Alas, what 'the People's Republic' wants today may not fit tomorrow.

By Ian Gill, 18 Apr 2016


To Plan or Not to Plan? That's Vancouver's Question

And the fourth in the Urbanarium series of civic debates suggests the answer is...

By Christopher Cheung, 14 Apr 2016


Vancouver to Consider 'Access Without Fear' for Undocumented Migrants

'It's very important we make an inclusive, welcoming statement,' says city councillor.

By David P. Ball, 31 Mar 2016


Debate Pits Freer Markets Against Gov't Intervention on Affordable Housing

Vancouver audience votes legislated solution, opposition changes few minds.

By Christopher Cheung, 10 Mar 2016


City Councils Oppose Mayors in Latest Broadband Battle

Ottawa and Toronto motions support CRTC decision on open access web.

By Michael Geist, 16 Feb 2016


Nine Ways to Turn Vancouver's Housing Crisis from 'Breaking Point' to Tipping Point

In wake of recent headlines, we offer these ready-made ideas.

By David P. Ball and Katie Hyslop, 10 Feb 2016


Leveraging City Land for Federal Bucks 'Very Positive Move': Prof

But activists say affordable housing deal could leave out Vancouver's homeless.

By David P. Ball, 4 Feb 2016


With First Election to BC MLA for a First Nations Woman, Melanie Mark Makes History

'This is our victory,' says Vancouver byelection winner, while New Dems also take Coquitlam.

By Andrew MacLeod, 3 Feb 2016


Dear PM: Don't Waste Billions on Bad Transit Projects

Toronto and Vancouver subway wrong for taxpayers, riders and planet.

By Patrick M. Condon, 25 Jan 2016


Byelection Battle: Meet Candidates Vying for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain

A tight race, with Green's Keithley insisting he's got a shot: 'People always vote for shitheads.'

By Andrew MacLeod, 20 Jan 2016


Byelection Battle: Meet Candidates Vying for Vancouver Mount-Pleasant

NDP's Mark dreams of minister role, while Greens' Fry keen to surprise in long-orange riding.

By Andrew MacLeod, 18 Jan 2016


Who's Innovative Now? Calgary Backs Open Access Web

City takes a different view than Toronto, Ottawa over future of broadband services.

By Michael Geist, 12 Jan 2016


Bah! Humbug! The 'East Side Version of Dickens' Returns

Now in its sixth year, Vancouver production explores themes of redemption, with plenty laughs.

By Jesse Donaldson, 7 Dec 2015


How Can Ottawa Help Cities House Their Citizens?

Start by shoring up social housing, says cities chief. A Tyee Solutions Society interview.

By Katie Hyslop, 25 Nov 2015


Surrey 2030: BC's Fastest Growing City Ponders Its Future

Newcomer festivals, greener buildings and two more crowdsourced opportunities.

By Cara McKenna, 19 Nov 2015