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Zombie Politics

Korea’s latest horror flick asks whether people eaters can digest a hedge fund manager.

By Dorothy Woodend, 29 Jul 2016


Oh Well, Lady ‘Ghostbusters.’ You Tried

Not too offensive, not too feminist, it’s not too much of anything. Still, there are spectres of a decent flick.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jul 2016


'The Wailing': A Horror Revealed in Hindsight

The latest from South Korean director Na Hong-jin may be best watched backwards.

By Dorothy Woodend, 18 Jun 2016


'Lady Dynamite': TV's Weirdest, Funniest Show Is also the Truest

Maria Bamford's autobiographical hallucination is hilariously brave.

By Dorothy Woodend, 3 Jun 2016


All About the Moment: Kelly Reichardt's Long, Bittersweet Gaze

Five-film program at Cinematheque catches balance of sorrow and joy in a world of hard times and bad choices.

By Dorothy Woodend, 21 May 2016


Ojibwa Brothers Reopen Colonial Scars at DOXA

Adam and Zack Khalil take us on an unforgettable trip, confronting legacies of colonialism in 'INAATE/SE/.'

By Frederick Blichert, 14 May 2016


How Maya Angelou Rescued Me

The famed black artist's testimony of pain and pride proved 'we can overcome.'

By Rebecca Carroll, 14 May 2016


'Nothing about Us Without Us': Women Filmmakers Fight for Equality

Bonnie Sherr Klein reflects on a hard-won struggle, and new films at DOXA.

By Frederick Blichert, 12 May 2016


After Arab Spring Came Arab Fall, and Now?

How film artists are making sense of a generation's detoured ideals.

By Zeina Zahreddine, 9 May 2016


Suicidal Politics: A '60s Activist's Last Act

'Left on Purpose' was supposed to celebrate a life, but the hero had other aims in this edgy DOXA doc.

By Frederick Blichert, 7 May 2016


After Tragedy Struck, Kathryn Calder Found a New Voice

Musician and her mother battle ALS in 'A Matter of Time', playing at DOXA.

By Frederick Blichert, 6 May 2016


Black Identities Take Centre Stage in DOXA Special Program

Guest curator Rebecca Carroll reflects on her own experience in 'Black Life Is, Ain't and Still Rises.'

By Frederick Blichert, 4 May 2016


Ever Uncompromising, 'The Good Wife' Comes to an End

From ageism to ableism, few stereotypes left unbroken in this legal drama.

By Shannon Rupp, 29 Apr 2016


She Got Game: Mighty 'Pistol Shrimps' Coming to DOXA

Vancouver filmmaker takes us courtside with hilarious story of LA basketball league.

By Frederick Blichert, 23 Apr 2016


Get Your Creep On with 'Midnight Special'

It's a sci-fi flick just alien enough to make sense of the world again.

By Dorothy Woodend, 9 Apr 2016


Why Are Movie Humans So Mean?

Films like '10 Cloverfield Lane' appeal to the worst in human nature. But we're more than endless warring factions.

By Dorothy Woodend, 25 Mar 2016


Indigenous 'The Revenant' Star on His DiCaprio-Rescuing Role

Duane Howard sees 'slow' change in Hollywood, as film vies for 12 Oscar titles.

By Vincent Schilling, 25 Feb 2016


Learning to Love 'Advertainment'

In a disrupted industry, well-placed products pay artists. Audiences needn't suffer.

By Shannon Rupp, 25 Feb 2016


How Many Hours Since Your Last Net Fix?

Celebrating scarcity in the age of endless-scrolling cinema.

By Dorothy Woodend, 30 Jan 2016


Return of the Oscars Whitewash

Another diversity-challenged awards season. We know how it ends, so let's watch something else.

By Dorothy Woodend, 16 Jan 2016