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The Steve Burgess Guide to 2017, A to Z


Celebrity deaths. Harvey Weinstein, Roy Moore and Rohingya. A forest fire season like no other. Nazis. Whatever Site C will be about. That guy in the White House, and attacks on avocado toast.

The past 12 months made 2017 another tough year after the death march that was 2016.

But 2017 also gave us #MeToo, Colin Kaepernick and the first visible minority to lead a federal Canadian political party. Plus, a Royal engagement, Robert Mueller and Roy Moore getting his ass kicked. So, not all bad.

Steve Burgess helps us remember the year that was, including those parts we thought we’d forgotten, in a four-part series helpfully arranged via the alphabet.

In This Series



The Steve Burgess Guide to 2017: A to F

Apologizing to Alabama, and mourning Gord Downie.

By Steve Burgess, 19 Dec 2017



The Steve Burgess Guide to 2017: G to L

From the ecstasy of the BC Greens to the continued folly of alternative facts.

By Steve Burgess, 20 Dec 2017



The Steve Burgess Guide to 2017: M to R

Mueller makes singing stars, white people are bummed and mistletoe is not a good idea.

By Steve Burgess, 21 Dec 2017



The Steve Burgess Guide to 2017: S to Z

Ed Sheeran can’t win, Site C is a no-win situation, and no one can win against Trump.

By Steve Burgess, 22 Dec 2017

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