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Enjoy an Arctic Evening with the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

On May 9, the Vancouver Maritime Museum opens their newest exhibit, chronicling the quest for the Northwest Passage and the much-hyped 2014 discovery of the sunken HMS Erebus.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum is offering three prizes to Tyee readers:

Grand prize: Four tickets to the May 8 exclusive opening party for Across the Top of the World, and a sunset dinner cruise on a separate date of your choosing (valid until October 15). (Value $400)

At the opening event on May 8, the Parks Canada divers working on the sunken HMS Erebus will be speaking about their discoveries.

Second and third prizes: Group passes to the Across the Top of the World exhibit (no used by date, but special events are exempt). A group pass covers four adults, or two adults and four children.

Contest ends midnight Monday, May 4.

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One of the greatest stories of exploration and discovery is the European quest for the Northwest Passage -- an oceanic shortcut from the Atlantic to the Pacific across the top of North America.

In the centuries following Columbus' encounter with the Americas, the search for a route through the continent dominated the attention of Spain, Britain and other European powers.

By the 19th century, the quest for the Northwest Passage was a major initiative of the British Admiralty, particularly since it appeared that the passage would lie in British-claimed territory across the more northerly part of the continent. The search for the passage, its eventual discovery, and the saga of human endeavour in the far north, were longstanding aspects of the history and culture of what is now Canada.

Across the Top of the World will focus on the Arctic and its environment and people; the early forays into the Arctic leading up to John Franklin’s lost expedition; and the conquering of the Northwest Passage by Roald Amundsen and later Henry Larsen in St. Roch. The exhibit will culminate with the search for Franklin (both historical and modern) and the ultimate 2014 discovery of HMS Erebus by Parks Canada.

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Go deep in the 400-year quest for the Northwest Passage, on exhibit now.

By Jesse Donaldson, 11 May 2015