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Do You Agree with BC’s Decriminalization Rollback?

The federal government has approved Premier David Eby’s request to amend B.C.’s decriminalization pilot.

The three-year pilot, launched on Jan. 31 of last year, allowed possession of a combined total of 2.5 grams of certain drugs for personal — and public — use.

Eby’s request to amend the policy followed public pressure and continued criticism from the provincial opposition. In the fall, the Eby government proposed a bill to prohibit the possession or use of drugs within 15 metres of a playground and within six metres of other places. But in January, the B.C. Supreme Court granted an injunction, ruling it could cause “irreparable harm” to drug users.

Last month, Eby took the request to the federal level, asking Health Canada to remove the exemption permitting public drug use. Ottawa has now agreed.

Advocates say that the ban on public use could increase the risk of overdose deaths as people use substances alone and in hidden places, and statistics show that possession charges have dropped since decriminalization.

But opinions remain divided. With all this in mind, we want to ask:

Do you agree with B.C.’s decriminalization rollback?

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