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Where Should We Focus Our Solutions Journalism in the New Year?

The last few years have been difficult and full of increasing, overlapping problems — everything from the pandemic, to the toxic drug crisis, to climate change and wild weather. From our staff and our readers, we’ve heard that people want to understand how things can begin to change for the better.

So The Tyee has decided to dedicate 2023 to focusing on solutions journalism.

Solutions journalism means going beyond addressing problems and issues in order to zero in on how people are beginning to solve these problems. It means we initiate our reporting by asking, “Who’s showing the way?”

We’re committed to devoting our resources to a brighter world. We’re looking to people, organizations and communities that are solving problems and empowering the future.

We’ve already started bolstering our solutions coverage as we approach year end. But we’re looking to triple our solutions reporting in 2023. Support us today.

And with this in mind, we want to ask what you, our readers, are most keen to see investigated. So tell us.

Where should we focus our solutions journalism in the new year?

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