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Tyee Poll: Justin Trudeau – Too Much Style, or Just Enough Substance?

Tyee writer Andrew Nikiforuk recently penned “The Emperor’s New Clothes” on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s “finest political camouflage,” arguing that he “[cares] nothing about policy, principle, obligations or justice” — he’s style but no substance.

The piece is on the heels of his family’s controversial visit to India.

“…nobody seems quite sure why Prime Minister Trudeau is travelling around India with his wife and his children and an entourage of cabinet ministers and MPs and various officials and a celebrity chef from Vancouver,” read a “piece in the National Post.

“It has struck the BBC’s Ayeshea Perera that the point of it ‘appears to be a series of photo-ops cunningly designed to showcase his family’s elaborate traditional wardrobe.’ There sure doesn’t seem to be much business to attend to. A half day here, a meeting there, perhaps a whole day all told out of an eight-day state visit set aside for what you might call state business.”

Then there was the controversy last month about his use of the word “peoplekind.” His over-the-top progressive-speak doesn’t match his conservative policies, said a Tyee piece.

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