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Tyee Poll: How’s the NDP Government Doing on Election Promises?

The year is ending, and following an action-packed election that pushed British Columbians’ knowledge of how provincial government is formed to the limits, the first session of the NDP government has come to an end.

The NDP government passed 16 bills this session. The Liberals passed an average of 25 bills per session during their time in power.

“These were big pieces of legislation. We've been debating right until today,” said Premier John Horgan. “I don't know how many more bills we could have had… and still be able to do what we achieved this session. I don't think you should measure the success of a session by the output of bills.”

Among this session’s 16 bills the government took action on election promises such as provincial and municipal campaign finance reform and raised taxes for high earners and corporations.

“It's quality, not quantity,” Green Party leader Andrew Weaver said. “I don't know how we could have gone at a faster pace. I'm flat out. I've redefined my personal definition of exhaustion.”

We’re wondering what you think of the progress. Is it quality over quantity? Or could Horgan’s team have done more?

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How’s the NDP government doing on election promises?

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