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Tyee Poll: How Do You Feel about Ride-sharing Coming to BC?

Ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft are finally coming to British Columbia. Residents can expect to hail a ride from them by the end of 2017, said Transportation Minister Todd Stone.

“British Columbians have made it very clear that there is a demand for services that ride-hailing companies provide,” said the minister.

Yes, there’s demand, but also concern. Uber has been met by uproar, and even legal challenges, by taxi companies and drivers in Ontario and Quebec.

One common claim is that “gig economy” services like Uber encourage unregulated work and exploitation.

The Vancouver Taxi Association has already spoken out against the announcement – also threatening a legal challenge to “fight this unfair government initiative.”

Another concerned party is the City of Vancouver, which has placed a moratorium on Uber, and even new cabs, until October. Some councillors voiced concerns about passenger safety and how this will affect the taxi industry.

B.C. has some plans to help taxis as they roll out ride sharing. The plans include $1 million to help the taxi industry develop an app of their own, the exclusive right to be flagged down or hired by phone, and the removal of municipal borders.

But with the unpredictability of the gig economy, it’s unsure whether the playing field will stay level.

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