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Tyee Poll: So, Do You Still Want Electoral Reform?

Electoral reform was part of Justin Trudeau’s campaign promises in 2015, but this week he said that Canadians seem to be less interested in changing the system because they were happy with his government.

In an interview with Le Devoir, Trudeau said he sees less public appetite for electoral reform under his government than that of the previous government of Stephen Harper.

The prime minister today clarified that he is still committed to some kind of reform, but that finding consensus among the spectrum of public opinions is a challenge.

Kelly Carmichael, the executive director of Fair Vote Canada, says voters already gave Trudeau’s government a “clear mandate – indeed a duty – to act.”

“It would be an act of defiance for the government to reject the recommendations of the special committee on electoral reform, the only body that fairly represents how Canadians voted,” wrote Carmichael recently in the Tyee. “Anything less than a proportional system would be seen as a self-serving, cynical move.”

So, dear Canadian, we’d like to know what you think. After one year of Trudeau’s Liberals, do you still want electoral reform?

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