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James Break Up Poem

From Sarah Bynoe's teen angst poetry collection

By Sara Bynoe 19 May 2005 | TheTyee.ca

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Sarah Bynoe is less angst-ridden these days

Sara Bynoe wrote this poem. She also wrote the back story (which lead her to write this poem). And she was so inspired, she edited a whole collection of teen angst poems.

For the next 6 weeks, we’ll be running one teen angst poem (and its backstory) per week to get you inspired to dig through your parents' attics and basements and dredge up those golden teen poetry gems. We want to hear them, and you want to share them (c’mon, admit it). So click here to find out more about the contest.

Send in your worst, or your best, and the back story. In addition to baring your soul, you could win prizes and fame as a published Tyee poet.

And now, over to Sara...

I broke up with my first boyfriend, James, because he cheated on me. I went away for the weekend and he made out with another girl eight hours after I’d left town. I was so hurt. We had been together for a month, which is forever in grade eight time.

I wrote this poem in between breaking up with James and getting back together with him. I think we were broken up for three days, during which he pleaded and begged for me to take him back.

And then I thought about it… well, there isn’t anyone else that is interested in me. I like his friends. If I stay with him for a little bit more maybe I can become better friends with them. Maybe he is sorry for what he has done. Maybe he didn’t mean to do it. So eventually, I did take him back, but then we broke up two weeks later when I dumped him for his best friend.

Yes, thirteen years old and I already knew how to play the game.

James Break up Poem

My eyes are going blind
glazed over and aglow
You say things that confuse my mind
Take you back?
I say NO!

My hurt did not leave
You took my heart
You are the thieve
My forgiveness you will not get
I wish, I wish we had never met

My emotions I will now keep
If i give them to you again
I know I'll weep

I'm closed up and alone
what I know now
I wish I had known
When the time comes you will pay
I wonder- just what you will say?

Sara Bynoe is the creator of www.teenangstpoetry.com, and the editor of Teen Angst: a Collection of REALLY BAD poetry. She regularly performs bad poetry readings around Vancouver.  [Tyee]

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