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Tattoos And Scrimshaw: Free Passes

Tattoos And Scrimshaw: Free Passes

Win one of seven 'group passes' to TATTOOS AND SCRIMSHAW: The Art of the Sailor

Vancouver Maritime Museum's spring and summer exhibit celebrates the long history of nautical tattoos and sailor art, with a blend of historical artifacts, archival photos, and contemporary photography.

Enter the contest for tickets below, and if you're lucky, you'll win a free group pass for you and two guests ($40 value.) Bring your tattoo'ed sailor grandpa, or the friend you got those (regrettable?) tattoos with when you were nineteen. If grade four was the last time you went to Vancouver's Maritime Museum, you're in for a refreshing treat. Whether you're interested in tattooing culture, maritime culture or both, this exhibit will inform and entertain.

Dates: March 14 - October 13

Location: Vancouver Maritime Museum, 1905 Ogden Avenue in Vanier Park

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Exhibit Background

The modern, western tattoo evolved from the early days of global exploration, when ancient mariners sailed to native South Pacific communities and were introduced to the idea of body art. The practice of self-decoration became an artistic expression for sailors and an opportunity to create permanence in an otherwise unpredictable occupation.

Images of boats, women or items from home have morphed over the years into the tattoo artistry seen today. In our modern culture, "Sailor Jerry" style tattoos are synonymous with maritime service, but these iconic symbols and imagery tell stories and traditions that are ages old. In a similar fashion, scrimshaw transferred the idea of tattooing from skin to whale tooth and bone, with the use of pigment and the skill of engraving. Indelible and highly personal, tattoos and scrimshaw capture in ink the stories or our maritime culture.