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Claude Adams

Claude Adams is a freelance writer and video journalist.

Stories by Claude Adams


Death in Solitary

Isolated until crazed and paranoid, Chris Roy took his life. Or did we?

By Claude Adams, 1 Aug 2016


Who Will Mourn This Journalist's Death?

Captured by Taliban, Beverley Giesbrecht got little press because she was no simple story.

By Claude Adams, 12 Jan 2011


'Journalists, Don't Shut up!' A Mexican Refugee's Plea

Luis Horacio Najera, who dodged death in Ciudad Juarez as a top reporter, now survives cleaning toilets in Canada.

By Claude Adams, 29 Nov 2010


A Guest at the Alcoholics Anonymous Roundup

What the people of Esketemc know about battling addiction.

By Claude Adams, 12 Aug 2009


A Combat Doctor's True Duty

Dr. Kevin Patterson was judged unethical for publishing a dying Canadian soldier's identity. Did he not serve a greater good?

By Claude Adams, 18 Feb 2009


Our Legacy of Shame in Haiti

Island is worse off without Aristide, and Canada shares blame.

By Claude Adams, 26 Feb 2008


Are We Aiding a Brutal Censor?

The media experts we send to Rwanda: teachers or tools?

By Claude Adams, 5 Sep 2007


Blood on the Lens

Take cover from online interactive war reporting.

By Claude Adams, 3 Jan 2007