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Arno Kopecky

Stories by Arno Kopecky


'The Oil Man and the Sea'

Arno Kopecky's travelogue sets sail through Northern Gateway's ground zero: the Great Bear Rainforest.

By Arno Kopecky, 8 Oct 2013


Why Canada Is Starting to Feel like Peru

Rev up resource sell-offs, demonize dissenters as 'foreign' threats. Did Stephen Harper study Alan García?

By Arno Kopecky, 20 Jan 2012


Canada Backs Colombia's Growing Embrace of US Military

Peasants sent packing to pave way for oil, gas and mining investments.

By Arno Kopecky, 6 Aug 2010


Saving Lives, High in the Andes

When Harper challenged G8 nations to help the world's poorest women and children, this BC couple had already heeded the call.

By Arno Kopecky, 22 Jun 2010


Indigenous Capitalists, from BC to Peru

For Nisga'a and Amazonian aboriginals alike, the private ownership message of economist Hernando de Soto is stirring controversy. A special report.

By Arno Kopecky, 5 Jan 2010


The New National Chief, and His Corporate Suitors

Energy firms eager to build bonds with Canada's First Nations.

By Arno Kopecky, 24 Jul 2009


Assembly of First Nations declares new leader

By Arno Kopecky, 23 Jul 2009


Generation divide shows in First Nations leadership speeches

By Arno Kopecky, 22 Jul 2009


First Nations say goodbye to Phil Fontaine

By Arno Kopecky, 21 Jul 2009


First Nations electing new national chief this week

By Arno Kopecky, 20 Jul 2009


More support for urban density

By Arno Kopecky, 11 Mar 2009