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Stories for week starting Monday, December 4, 2023


Poof Goes the Electric Car Dream

Sputtering EV promises, in 13 scenes. And the true road to surviving the climate crisis.

Andrew Nikiforuk, 8 Dec 2023


To Health-Care Workers in Gaza: ‘Remember Them’

A Calgary family doctor shares an urgent call to act on peace.

Fozia Alvi, 8 Dec 2023


Peer Support for Drug-Using Parents Facing Child Apprehension

PACK is helping keep families together. A Tyee Q&A.

Katie Hyslop, 8 Dec 2023


Bake Along with The Tyee This Holiday Season

We’ve traded recipes in our newsroom for years. This December, we invite you to join us.

Tyee Staff and Contributors, 8 Dec 2023


Fact Checking Poilievre’s ‘Housing Hell’ Video

Experts say the Conservative leader understands young people’s anger but isn’t offering any fixes.

Jen St. Denis, 8 Dec 2023


Danielle Smith Is Really Mad — Again

Ottawa’s plan to manage oil-and-gas emissions draws a furious response in Dubai from the premier.

David Climenhaga, 7 Dec 2023


Starbucks Ups Stakes in War of Words with Union

The corporation is threatening a defamation lawsuit, but the Steelworkers stand firm.

Zak Vescera, 7 Dec 2023


A New Drug Testing Location Opens Near Vancouver City Hall

Get Your Drugs Tested has expanded, despite its funding source facing raids and business licence pressures.

Michelle Gamage, 7 Dec 2023


Seven Myths That Keep Us from Ending Poverty

A universal basic income could transform society. But prejudice stands in the way.

Tracy Smith-Carrier, 7 Dec 2023


For Arts Legend Norman Armour, with Thanks

A friend remembers the co-founder of Vancouver’s PuSh Festival, his bold vision and what he leaves behind.

Minna Schendlinger, 7 Dec 2023


How BC Is Tackling a ‘Paradigm Shift’ in Its Forests

Three years after the Old Growth Strategic Review, the province has made three big recent announcements. A Tyee explainer.

Zoë Yunker, 6 Dec 2023


CONTEST: Take Home Seven Great Reads on Reconciliation

One Tyee reader will get a bundle of books to continue their learning journey about colonization and its impacts.

First United, 6 Dec 2023


Van Life, Chair Repair and One Couple’s Dream of the Road

Their rolling RV repair shop brings loving care to treasures and happiness to owners.

Christopher Cheung, 6 Dec 2023


Why Modular Housing Stands Empty During Vancouver’s Homelessness Crisis

After pioneering the quick-build housing model, Vancouver is backing away from the strategy.

Jen St. Denis, 6 Dec 2023


Fighting Workplace Abuse by Building Community

Kusina brings Filipino caregivers together to share a meal and learn about their employment and human rights.

Michelle Gamage, 5 Dec 2023


Here’s What Danielle Smith Is Really Doing in Dubai

Alberta’s premier is looking for political points and investment in dubious climate 'solutions.'

Graham Thomson, 5 Dec 2023


‘Spend as Much Lifting Our People Up as Pushing Them Down’

Adam Olsen is calling on BC to protect Indigenous people as thoroughly as it polices their opposition to resource development.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 5 Dec 2023


Please Advise! What about Big Poll Numbers for Rustad and Poilievre?

It’s early days, says Dr. Steve. Relax! Unless you’re Kevin Falcon.

Steve Burgess, 5 Dec 2023


Union Drive Backfires for Some PHS Peer Workers

While the new contract brings big improvements for some, it leaves most out in the cold.

Zak Vescera, 5 Dec 2023


The Last Thing Alberta’s NDP Needs Is a Name Change

Once Rachel Notley leaves, picking the next leader is Job 1.

David Climenhaga, 5 Dec 2023


How to Protect the Mental Health of Farmers

Creating online spaces to connect and teaching mental health professionals about the realities of agriculture will go a long way, say advocates.

Michelle Gamage, 4 Dec 2023


Will Journalism Survive?

The question is debatable. But we can do something to make sure it does.

Jeanette Ageson, 4 Dec 2023


Enjoy ‘Eat the Rich’ Films? Tuck into ‘Saltburn’

Emerald Fennell’s latest provocation is tasty fare, if a bit unclear about who’s the main course.

Dorothy Woodend, 4 Dec 2023


What’s the Best Way to Balance Campus Safety and Free Speech?

A UBC sticker campaign dust-up highlights key issues with our tolerance of conflict, experts say.

Katie Hyslop, 4 Dec 2023


The Sugar War Gets Stickier

Ten weeks into a strike over longer shifts, the union opens a new front against Rogers in Vancouver.

Zak Vescera, 4 Dec 2023