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Stories for week starting Monday, May 10, 2021


Please Advise! Are Political Consequences… Back?

It’s true that some things, like a pandemic, you just can’t blame on socialists. But justice is far from served, says Dr. Steve.

Steve Burgess, 14 May 2021


‘A Garage Sale for the Last Old Growth’

As BC’s watchdog slams the province’s own logging agency for wrecking ecosystems, advocates demand action. A special report.

Zoe Yunker, 14 May 2021


Life Was Already Tough for Migrant Farm Workers. The Pandemic Made It Worse

‘The food is the most problematic thing.’ It’s only the beginning of the challenges, advocates say.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 14 May 2021


Three Tyee Nominations at National Magazine Awards

We’ve got finalists in the best column, online video and short feature categories.

Tyee Staff, 14 May 2021


BC Abruptly Cancels Climate Action Grants for Municipalities

Many cities ‘will be puzzled’ about the decision, says president of Union of BC Municipalities.

Andrew MacLeod, 14 May 2021


‘The Wheels Are Falling Off the Clown Car’

With UCP caucus chair’s resignation, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership is under siege on all fronts.

David Climenhaga, 14 May 2021


How to Sell a Carbon Tax. And Not

In Oregon, conservative politicians literally run and hide from carbon pricing. How did BC’s similar party make it law?

Erik Neumann, 14 May 2021


BC Makes First Moves Against ‘Revenge Porn’

Federal laws offer victims few options for redress. That’s where new provincial legislation could come in.

Samantha McCabe, 13 May 2021


Why Trudeau Is Winning at Pandemic Politics

He’s no champ. But his foes can’t score points thanks to their own losing ways.

Michael Harris, 13 May 2021


Why Do Police Keep Shooting Nuu-chah-nulth People?

Conversations about police accountability must continue, because this injustice to our people can’t go on.

Judith Sayers, 13 May 2021


Canadian Banks Have an Outsized Impact on Global Fossil Fuel Financing

We pledged to reduce emissions by 30 per cent by 2030, but will financial institutions undermine this goal?

Michelle Gamage, 13 May 2021


When Political Terror Haunts Your Homeland

'Aswang' brings an intensely gripping documentary on life in the Philippines under Duterte to DOXA.

Tara Campbell, 13 May 2021


Remembering Spike, a Tireless Educator from the Downtown Eastside

Gerald ‘Spike’ Peachey changed minds by telling his own addiction story, again and again.

Jen St. Denis, 13 May 2021


Translator Kids Speak Out, from Cancer Calls to Running Restaurants

Readers saw themselves in our recent story on translating for immigrant family, and wrote in to share their stories.

Christopher Cheung, 13 May 2021


Detained Migrants Get a Pandemic Lifeline

The tribunal deciding who to hold has new rules about harsh treatment. Result: more are being freed from incarceration.

Amelia Williams, 12 May 2021


Christopher Cheung Recognized for Emerging Excellence at Digital Publishing Awards

Tyee receives five nominations, including for Michael Harris, Andrew Nikiforuk, Christopher Pollon and Avo Media collaboration.

Tyee Staff, 12 May 2021


Taken with Anne Wheeler

The Canadian filmmaker’s story collection is the work of a born raconteur, and a true adventure.

Dorothy Woodend, 12 May 2021


Join Us to Launch JB MacKinnon’s New Book: ‘The Day the World Stops Shopping’

Expect provocative conversation about the future of consumerism, and our planet, at this live event May 27.

Ian Gill, 12 May 2021


Vancouver’s Drug Decriminalization Plan Is a Disaster, Say Advocates

The city’s approach was supposed to make drug use safer in a crisis. But those who use drugs say it’s critically flawed.

Jen St. Denis, 12 May 2021


How The Big Melt Will Change Life for People and Nature

As BC’s coastal mountain glaciers recede the effects alter ecosystems. Can human engineering begin to compensate? Second in a series.

Christopher Pollon, 12 May 2021


Auditor General Says BC Is Failing to Protect Critical Wildlife Habitat

Conservation land program has outdated or non-existent management plans and lacks Indigenous participation.

Amanda Follett Hosgood, 11 May 2021


BC Provides Three-Days’ Sick Pay. It’s Not Enough, Say Critics

Pandemic measure will bridge gap in federal benefits, says government, and reduce COVID risk.

Andrew MacLeod, 11 May 2021


AstraZeneca’s Clot Risks Quantified. And More News Straight from Science Journals

The latest roundup of pandemic findings gathered by The Tyee.

Brian Owens, 11 May 2021


It’s Too Hard to Report Adverse Vaccine Effects, Says Doctor

The dense form is ‘ridiculous,’ says veteran physician, who worries it harms data quality. The BC government defends the six-pager.

Andrew MacLeod, 11 May 2021


Thriving Together: Salmon, Berries and People

The salmonberry plant has nourished Indigenous communities for generations, but its significance goes far beyond its value as food.

Cuagilakv, 11 May 2021


‘We Are Losing It as We Speak,’ Say Crab Park Advocates

As a port expansion closes in, park supporters push for more green space and a long-awaited Indigenous healing centre.

Jen St. Denis, 11 May 2021


Doc Offers a Glimpse of Hope in Kainai (Blood) Nation’s Overdose Crisis

Filmmaker Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers crafts a gentle portrait of substance use disorder and a community weighing solutions. On now at DOXA.

Paloma Pacheco, 10 May 2021


Is Mathematics the New Latin?

Time in school is limited. Are we requiring the right kinds of math? Who even needs it?

Charles Ungerleider, 10 May 2021


Finding the Mother Tree: A Conversation with Suzanne Simard

This May 19 webinar will celebrate an important new book and the wisdom of the forest. Register now.

Sierra Club BC, 10 May 2021


Pandemic Deaths Are Seriously Undercounted: New Report

The toll in Canada and globally is worse than governments admit according to University of Washington researchers.

Crawford Kilian, 10 May 2021


A Letter to Dr. Henry from Hardest Hit Surrey

Pleading for help, a teacher reminds why part of the city shows up red on leaked documents.

Lizanne Foster, 10 May 2021


The Big Melt

In mere decades, many of BC’s 16,000 glaciers will be gone. That will change life on our coast, from plankton to people. First in a series.

Christopher Pollon, 10 May 2021